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@jukezypoo: I agree, I think what Magresda is describing as these future devices are just the devices of today, We are living in the society of all in one. My PS3 is the only "box" next to my TV, I use it to play videogames, listen to music, watch movies/music videos/Sitcoms. I don't call this box a "hybrid computer" though, I call it a console.
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@Baillie: Just stay away from the Heavy Rain forum lol, you don't know how  bad I want to know who the killer is, it reminds me of watching the movie SE7EN.
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This is good, you should start a new topic based on game spoilers, I really want to know who the killer is before I begin playing.

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Blu-Ray sales were up 67% in 2009
Blu-Ray player sales up 76% in 2009
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@Skytylz: That makes a lot of sense, very smart move by Microsoft if this was their goal, imagine if it would've backfired and HD-DVD won the media disc war, lol, seems like a win/win situation
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@crusader8463: Very interesting post bro, but I hope that  is not the case, I personally don't enjoy PC gaming that much because of how un-even it can get with all the new technology available to different people. I like the idea of everyone being on the same playground with their consoles, no PS3 or Xbox360 performs fast or better than the other. So when I play online I know that no one has an upper hand in terms of technology. This is just my honest opinion on PC gaming.
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Imagine an Xbox with 1 Tetrabyte (1,000GB right?) worth of space, and all games are purchased via the xbox marketplace? I'm not sure if this might work as most games will take ages to download and people might not be too happy with that, also cutting the middle man (GameStop), that's harsh lol. I don't see SONY going all digital anytime soon since the blu-ray disc media is still fairly new

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So in the midst of the PS3/Xbox360 console war, Microsoft and SONY decided to push their own disc based media, SONY pushed Blu-Ray while Xbox360 pushed HD-DVD. Obviously this new media is the future because of the space. Blu-Ray has about 49GB while dual layer HD-DVD has about 30GB of space. Now obviously SONY won the media disc push as blu-ray is becoming a standard pretty soon and HD-DVD failed miserably, now I am very excited about what Microsoft will do as DVD media is becoming ancient. So will Microsoft adapt Blu-Ray disc which in turn will net SONY money or will they try out a new disc based media that is not HD-DVD or Blu-Ray, post your theories below, I really hope Microsoft doesn't still used DVD disc games in their next system
P.S I know I am not a great writer, English is my second language, I apologize for that.

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Man you just took me back, When I first played MGS3 I filled up a whole notebook on plot details so that I am not confused and I can keep track of who double cross/triple crossed who. It was like my life for awhile just getting into that story and writing every little thing down. I don't do it anymore with games because of (surprise) forums.