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bought a 3ds and as long as you know what your in for, graphic wise and experience you really enjoy it. in no way am i saying they lack anything, but portable gaming for me at least, is great and hits its peak for me when im on the train to school. crack it open and its juuuuuust enough mario and maybe some monster hunting that i enjoy it and put it back down until i come home. its a portable system and thats what i use it for and it does great in every respect for that. I dont however find it enjoyable to sit on a couch and try and look at a small ass screen and play a game so crammed when i have a nice computer setup to play something more comfortable. Everything has a place and where it works the best is where i find the portable consoles are meant to.

just my opinion though. i know many people who love handhelds and portable gaming all day everyday and will use it in the house and everywhere they can

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@basm321: lol dude dont kill me i started to watch it i cant do it without laughing

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@luca717: No! Go back, that sounds like the final mission, in which you literally fist fight the pope! Plus it's even dumber than it sounds

lol i sold the xbox now but that sounds too stupid it cant be true..... lol

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Yeah, while Fan the Hammer is a *blast* to play, Order & Law gives some much-needed survivability in TVHM. And it still puts out nice damage.

yea ive noticed that in the regular playthrough as well. i like to get in there and kill a bunch of shit fast, and im feeling like the fan the hammer skill tree is soso on it. the way i see it is the best way to survive is to kill faster lol, thats why i went with that tree but ive been stuck a few times when guys with shock guns get around me my shields are done soooo fast

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recently ive been into some monster hunter for the 3ds, first time ever playing a MH game, and im loving it, so its really making me want a Wii U, for the cross save for the game and games like bayonetta, there really is just a ton of good stuff coming out for the wii U. i actually want one more then a ps4 or xbone

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I was thinking of trying out a dual shock 4 ps4 controller for pc games and was wondering, with the program that makes it work, are there any major issues or games crashing or anything that should keep me using a xbox one controller? Do you hook it up with a micro usb cable, since I would use it wired. I hate having another program running in the background to make it work, but if people recommend it, I will give it a try. Thanks.

the best solution is to use a good mouse and a good keyboard, case closed. (and an xbone controller for the odd game)

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last one i played was 2. and didnt even finish it, i stopped at some mission where i had to kill a priest or pope or something. ive been told thats near the end game but still... im over the series lol. bought black flag and did two hours but couldn't do it

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I find that the story really does matter in a game where it is suited. When i was playing through a game like the last of us i was there for the story and the gameplay second, but now that im playing borderlands, or recently played through metal gear rising revengeance, i couldn't tell you what the"story" was because i was too busy just spamming the button to cut fools and the people in the background talking were the least of my worries. Ill take a good story game over a game where there is a crappy or drowned out one any day.

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The only thing that would make the whole system so much better, is if the moonstones were picked up automatically the same way that the cash is when you kill an enemy. i find myself just running over some and past some most of the time because i couldn't be bothered to stop for one single moonstone, it really cuts out of the movement of the gameplay i find, because im so used to just running over everything

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I have typically seen these around a boss, they cost 40 moonstones to open and there is no prompt of "Are you sure you want to spend these moonstones". I have been trying to save moonstones in order to fully upgrade my ammo and backpack capacities before I do anything else with them but these chests are sneaky and have been stealing them. As a big Borderlands fan I feel like I have been trained to run up to any and every chest and hammer on the "X" button so that everything opens, so it kind of sucks when they throw one of these chests at you and you lose a chunk of your savings.

Rant over, those chest frustrate me.

is that why whenever i look at my moonstone count im always lower by 20-30?!?!?! god damn.