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personally i am more of a story person, like when i was playing the first two batman games, i really enjoyed the story. Games that have a lot of lore in them where i have to sit and read lots of stuff, i dont necessarily care for

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i dont see the problem in your question, but i do like a good game with a story, and enjoy the normal difficulty, and if its good ill do the next play through on the harder one. when your in between work and school and games you cant always be getting into the hardest difficulty

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i built my pc a few years ago, when sandy bridge just came out for the CPU and i have been running everything at either max, to high settings at minimum with no problem. i spent about 2500 on my system, and over the past two years bought some additional stuff.

in my opinion think long term, even if your initial build is set on a budget, youll regret it later. get a decent video card that if you so desire can crossfire or SLI within the year or so, when new ones come out and you can score a good price, and get a good cpu even if you wait to get the cooler on the next paycheck or something. just try not to skimp on parts if you dont have to.

just my opinion, either way youll be happy with having a pc for gaming, even in the 1500-2000 price range

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its perfectly fine to get one if it looks good, i find most of the time people who say they have one, and give some sort of meaning behind it, use it as an excuse to get one. but i like when i see a tattoo that actually suits the person, and looks good. sometimes a well placed tattoo on a girl is pretty sexy

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The Waiting for Free To Play Alliance.

bahahahahahahahahahahaha +1

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@mb: how did you get it running on osX

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i had an Xbone pre-ordered and cancelled it as well. stick to pc

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@evan223: thanks man! level doesn't matter to me. with this exp share things seem to move fast. last i played was gold and silver a bit. only really got into blue and red this whole thing is new to me lol

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@evan223: who do you need. I will keep an eye out and catch one. I'm only 5 hours in