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Am I the only one who bought the MCC and isn't going apeshit about this? Yeah, I'm disappointed the multiplayer isn't working yet, too, but I have no doubt they'll get it fixed. In the meantime, I'll play the campaigns, GTA V, Horizon 2, etc. There will still be plenty of people wanting to play the multiplayer once it gets going, and it sounds like they're going to throw some compensation back to the community as well. Oh, the humanity.

i get you, and i dont personally have the game, but i understand peoples frustration. When you buy a game, you expect the details on the back of the box to work

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play through far cry 3 because you can probably get it or blood dragon cheap. if you like it, far cry 4 is more of that. and make your decision based on that or dragon age lol

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fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. thats how i felt after buying kingdom rush and then HD for ipad and the same for frontiers. and no cloud save or anything. which resulted in me not playing one or the other if i got too far because it ruins the progress and fun. i bought a hero on the iphone thinking that would at least carry over. NOPE.

so, i noticed on Origins that when you select a save it has upload save to icloud, and before i go waste 5 dollars on an ipad copy i wont play, is the save downloaded from the cloud for that version and vice versa?

damn kingdom rush... lol

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i dont agree. if your making a game, and are truly excited about it, i want to be excited to. dont make some bullshit where i cant see anything

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mississauga, ontario, canada

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@blzzzrrttt dwarfs and steamworld dig if you got em! thanks bro, i should look if i have some keys to share

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random, but ive always wanted to play a souls game. i tried demon souls on ps3 a long time ago but never got back to playing it. Is it too late to play dark souls one and two on PC? or is there some sort of online component that ill be missing if i wait too long?

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bought a 3ds and as long as you know what your in for, graphic wise and experience you really enjoy it. in no way am i saying they lack anything, but portable gaming for me at least, is great and hits its peak for me when im on the train to school. crack it open and its juuuuuust enough mario and maybe some monster hunting that i enjoy it and put it back down until i come home. its a portable system and thats what i use it for and it does great in every respect for that. I dont however find it enjoyable to sit on a couch and try and look at a small ass screen and play a game so crammed when i have a nice computer setup to play something more comfortable. Everything has a place and where it works the best is where i find the portable consoles are meant to.

just my opinion though. i know many people who love handhelds and portable gaming all day everyday and will use it in the house and everywhere they can

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@basm321: lol dude dont kill me i started to watch it i cant do it without laughing

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@basm321 said:

@luca717: No! Go back, that sounds like the final mission, in which you literally fist fight the pope! Plus it's even dumber than it sounds

lol i sold the xbox now but that sounds too stupid it cant be true..... lol