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Posted by Luchador

Stop being chicken shits and just fight me already! Any style!
Posted by Xeiphyer

You could have at least posted this in the NHL10 forums.

Posted by Luchador

Hey lets not lose our balls here boys. Lets just talk this out calmly...POW!
Posted by ZeForgotten

fucking junkies

Posted by Luchador

I know right?!? Thats what I've been saying for years now!
Posted by btman

Flagged for you being a jackass.  Oh BTW I'd kick your ass in a fight in NHL 10

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LMAO!!!! You gotta realize this was literally just for the quests thing!!! Apparently the world has become a sensitive place... And if you've seen the movie Fubar... I ar referencing a line from that movie you tool.
Posted by damnboyadvance

At least the OP admitted it was just for the quests.