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What? His car is a cyborg TOO?

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I understand where they are going with this "losing his mind" much in the same vain as Gray Fox, and it is a nice connection, digging deeper into the trade-off's of becoming a cyborg, but the fact that this game seems to clash somewhat with the ending to 4 and that awful gruff voice really puts me off.

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and for me Bayonetta's rampant lunacy was just a bit... much.

Agreed, I like Bayonetta, and I love me some cuhrazy action games, but the ridicoulsness got too much at times, there was so much of it it honestly made me numb to it after a while, and everything kind of bleeded together and nothing stuck out as memorable (except the ending), when I try to recall Devil May Cry's grander momements, I can practically list every one, but with Bayonetta? Shockingly few actually.

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I don't want to be the "score guy" here, but Adam gave DMC4 the same 3 star score while working at G4, the same score DmC got.

He probably finds them to be roughly the same quality, and I think he just isn't too high on this franchise period.

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Though I have many fond memories of other games mentioned in this thread, like SOTC and Persona, my biggest one is EASILY Devil May Cry 3, it was my first exposure to DMC, and the second I fired it up, the second I stated playing, I just knew, the gothic enviroments, the baddass maincharacter, the absolutely amazing combat, and the overwhelming sense of style, my 13 year old self just knew, this game was MADE for me. Everything just clicked. And you know when you play something so much, and it has such a strong impression on you, you are so completely immersed, that when you go to bed, it is as if you are still playing? Yup, I had that. It was literally the case with when you see tetris blocks falling, but with DMC3 gameplay instead.

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Youtube can't support higher than 30fps. So you won't notice any difference. Here are the videos on a player that goes up to 60fps, and yes, it certainly looks alot smoother.

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@Wong_Fei_Hung: Hohoho, what do we have here? Is this the first shot from the new game? Or is this LOS1?

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Contrary to the "true Resident Evil fans" Resident Evil 4 for the gamecube is a must own, and in my opinion, one of the greatest games ever made. Of course, the wii version is probably the best version if you tolerate motion controls.

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What. The. Fuck.

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Did you by any chance catch the word "emc" written on some of the walls? I live in uppsala (well not really, 20 miles away.) and that is actually a pretty common tag around here. So it was pretty mind-blowing seeing it in-game. Having seen it everyday at my bus stop going to school.