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Dude likes ducks man. Let a playa play.

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I'd be a lot happier if PAX would stop being stingy with getting them rooms they can stream it out live for. Their panels clearly are in demand but instead we'll probably see some Minecraft dorks talk about youtube or something on one of the Twitch streams for hours. It seems like every one they go to has less resources then the previous for them to use.

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Playing it on Xbox as a casual RE fan, and I really enjoyed the first episode last night. I played on Easy because I'm a big baby and have limited time to play stuff, as well as usually playing about 45 minutes at a time tops in most games, and went through in one sitting. I just bought the first episode first on a whim, but I really enjoyed it more than I expected, and that's before even getting into the Raid mode stuff.

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These games have been so horrendous I assumed they were made by high school children or habitual glue huffers. They have been treated as kindly as they deserved, and if anything they have been nice about it considering these tire fires have had the balls to charge money for their "games". It's one of my favorite things the site is doing right now in the midst of a flood of great content.

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$8.314 million and the hearts of the world.

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@handlas said:

Wouldn't load for me until I switched it to "Progressive" under quality instead of Streaming. Dunno if that will fix it for you.

Thanks. Worked for me. Christmas is back on!

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Nope, same for me. I'm stuck at work and now the final chapter won't load. Christmas is ruined!

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I want to see this more than I want to see the starving children of the world be fed.

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@rorie: The website is much easier to find them on and you can tell them download from there too:!/en-us/free-games/cid=STORE-MSF77008-PSPLUSFREEGAMES

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I also felt that the sister was kind of a sociopath as well. She seems to hold no real animosity to Aiden's total destruction of her and her son's lives or the reprehensible shit he gets up to. I can't remember another game I enjoyed the gameplay as much as I hated the writing in as this one. I hope a sequel abandons him and picks up on a new protagonist.

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