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@Dezztroy: Thank you for the reply, but I clearly explained that income does not appear in my treasury. Even with expenses higher than my income, the money would go into the Treasury and then slowly be spent, it does not automatically cancel out.

What I don't know is if there are hidden mechanics (can only one port accept income, are certain numbers of banks required to store certain amounts of cash) blocking income from appearing and no one has mentioned anything like that so this is obviously just a bug.

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@Savage: Thanks for the reply, and I have seen that happen a few times, but I am rarely not watching my Treasury balance and most of the times that I have this problem the cash just never shows up. Sometimes there will be a delay of 30 or so seconds, and I attributed this to the Teamsters having to carry money from a port to my banks (probably not the case). But that rarely happens, leading me to believe the game just has multiple bugs.

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@deathstriker666: Thanks for the advice, but money is not an issue. Of the 10 campaign missions I've done my income always outstrips my expenses by 100k or more and I'm never actually in debt. I swing between debt and wealth, because only 1 out of 2 or 3 shipments actually registers income in my bank. I would have hundreds of thousands in my Treasury, often from one single ship in one port, but the text appears on my screen "You exported 120,000 of Tropican Goods", the ship leaves the port, and the money does not appear in my treasury. I have plenty of income, but I just have to sit and wait twice as long as other players because of this glitch.

So far I have searched the internet, and it's probably either an obvious bug. or a lack of banks to store cash, if that's a game mechanic. I'll check tonight.

As for your play advice, I'm not so sure. I build everything that is profitable, on every island. Industry is awesome, because it automatically imports less than it exports. The profits are often way higher than the costs, it just requires a little more Treasury management if you care at all about foreign relations. If you don't, you can just go into debt importing until the next ship comes to port and you reap fat export profits. Tourism is also an excellent supplement to any economy, and should always be separate to avoid congestion. I build in loops and avoid building intersections to avoid congestion anyway. I usually use cash crops to get a steady export income going, then tourism to supplement the games glitched exports, and then finally industry once I know I will have steady income to support imports.

Thanks again for the reply.

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I am playing the Xbox 360 Gold Edition.

Has anyone had problems with the cash flow in the game? For example, a ship will dock at the port, then leave and white text will slowly scroll up the screen "A freighter exported $75,000 worth of Tropican goods" but my Treasury balance will not adjust at all. This happens every other shipment at a minimum, and it happens in Campaign, Challenge, and Sandbox modes. I have multiple ports, all government and economic ports even show the revenue under "exported revenue" but my Treasury does not.

This also happened at least 2 times with the Foreign Aid one game. Again, text would appear on the screen claiming I received some amount of Aid, and then my treasury balance would literally not move.

This happens a lot. I can play the game, but it means that I operate my economy on these wild swings (50k in debt, 50k in the black, 50k in the red, 50k in the black). Honestly, it is extremely frustrating and makes the game unplayable having to sit and wait for the next shipment every time and I feel like the game is taunting me.

Is this a bug? Or is my Tropican government just especially corrupt and utilizing hidden embezzlement mechanics? Am I just dumb? Any info would be great.

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@Cloneslayer: Yeah I used to cry and whine too, but then I remembered that the Bombcast is completely free, and awesome every week, and I stopped.

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Jesus H that took long enough, but it's not on iTunes.

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Ryan just tweeted something, I don't think they're still recording. If you ask me it's fucking lazy not setting a time to put it out each week, especially after they held it hostage for subscriptions a year or so ago.

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@mikecardii said:

Oh sacred podcast gods, deliver unto me the giant bombcast before I close, within the next half hour, that I may listen to its holy scripture while I count money Your faithful servant, Mikecardii

Amen and all hail great and powerful lucha-deer, may he bringeth great podcasts down to us from the mountaintop.

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@Still_I_Cry said:

I would say...

Whatever we achieve, at some point we manage to fuck it up and wreck it.

I totally disagree. I think we have literally only improved upon ourselves throughout the generations. Bring a cave man to the modern world and show him the almost brutally excessive lives of luxury we live; he would most assuredly agree that we have come a long way, and we have not failed yet.

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Prostitutes and dancers have been around since before the Greeks and Romans. Cheerleaders at sports games are an accepted and even respected part of modern American culture. No one is coerced, the purpose is clear, and that means the ethics are clear as well. It's ridiculous to say that these women are being "objectified" or somehow mis-treated; these are the same women who become go-go dancers and strippers.

Seems to me that you're riding a miniature horse but you imagine yourself higher than the rest of us, Patrick.