StarTrek Online Release Date

Is it truly the launch date or another piece of junk mail that has gotten past my filter?
Checking my e-mail, I noticed an inconspicuous letter with the subject: "Star Trek Online Launches February 2010."
Upon further clickage of that letter, the following was revealed: 
  Coming February, 2010

Greetings Captain!
We at Cryptic Studios just wanted to share the good news with you: Star Trek Online has an official release date!

You can begin boldly going where no one has gone before on February 2, 2010, in North America, and February 5, 2010, in Europe.

Be sure to drop by for more information, and for the latest Star Trek Online updates from across the universe.

Thanks, and we’ll see you soon!
- The Star Trek Online Team


In Star Trek Online, the Star Trek universe will appear for the first time on a truly massive scale. In this massively multiplayer online game from Cryptic Studios, players can pioneer their own destiny as Captain of a Federation starship. Or, they can become a Klingon Warlord and expand the Empire to the far reaches of the galaxy. Players will have the opportunity to visit iconic locations from the popular Star Trek fiction, reach out to unexplored star systems, and make contact with new alien species. With Episode Missions, every moment spent playing Star Trek Online will feel like a new Star Trek episode in which you are the star. Immerse yourself in the future of the Trek universe as it moves into the 25th century: a time of shifting alliances and new discoveries.
I checked the website and the most current news is anything but. Perhaps they are updating it as we speak (or as I type)?
It seems we have reached the Final Frontier.


And the Cradle Will Rock...

Good day, this is my first blog post on this website and I'm happy to be here.

I suppose an introduction is in order, so here we go; my username is MadeinFinland. I am not Finnish, but Canadian; I do not know Finnish, I am not related to any Finns and I have never been to the country. Why is my username MadeinFinland? Hell if I know. I live in BC, Canada. I am fluent in both English and French and I am learning German on my own time from an Elizabeth Beth 'Instant German' book and I now know a whole bunch of useless German phrases, such as: Ich arbeite fur eine grosse Firma. Ich habe eine schones Haus, aber es kostet viel Gelt.

For those who know German, they will see the torture I am enduring to learn one of the most incredible languages in the world. Besides from languages - and not being Finnish - I am interested in programming and writing. I know HTML, have dabbled in both ActionScript and C++, and I am now learning Java. I've made a few amateur games at school - nothing impressive, but fun to say the least.  I am good at Photoshop, though it has recently crashed on my computer and Gimp is a lot different then what I'm used to.

As for writing, I'm trying to write a novel right now, which is one of my many means to reaching my goal in life of being filthy, filthy rich. The book is scifi and revolves around the ideas of naked singularities and time travel. It's called Aperture. For those who are interested, the first chapter can be found at Booksie. I have the chapter divided into sub-chapters and the true chapters are labeled as 'acts.' I found that the readers on Booksie preffered smaller stories, so I cut it into pieces. I will probably only keep one chapter up, unless many people request additional pages. Please read it if you get a chance and give me some feedback. Mind that it's not done yet and I have lots of places I need to fix, but whatever you feel is weak - point it out! My main goal is to finish the story and then fix the first few pages, which don't flow (imo) and need a bit more work. I've pretty well finished the second chapter and the third is on its way. Mind that I probably won't be uploading them unless asked though.
I am a high school student and I have an exciting Calculus Exam in two days. Only two of us are writing it in the whole school, but I'm sure I'll do great.

In the idea of gaming, I am a PC Gamer. I had a subscription to PC Gamer, but I switched to Scientific American. I love the Crysis games and I can't wait for Prototype, Starcraft II, Diablo III and Bioshock 2 (but I've noticed not everyone shares my enthusiasm for the latter game). I've played dissapointing games *cough Hellgate: London cough*  and I'm sure they won't destroy Rapture for us.

Well, I'll see you all later. I've got to run. Please check out my the Aperture.
See you all later,

Carna mi Fin-nor!