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@irvandus: Right? I miss the days when the entire community was awesome. Overall it still is, but man. There sure have been some turds coming around as of late.

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Game downloaded, but I can't play cause the game is unable to connect to PSN

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@cecil said:

@marc: Is it stopping mid download?

It;s downloading slow as fuck, but it's going. Getting about 1MB every 5 seconds lo

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This is why preloading needs to always be a thing

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Now I'm getting a license issue. Ugh

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FINALLY got it downloading. Very excite

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Got my codes, PSN is shot to shit

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And just like that, goes down

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I still don't understand why people expect a discount on these games getting re-released. Yes, 3 games at launch offered it. But that was different. These were games that had the last gen and current gen versions being developed concurrently. It isn't the same with games like Tomb Raider and The Last of Us. They devs had to put a lot of work into the next gen versions. If people wanna save a few bucks because they own the PS3 version, then sell it and put the cash towards the upgrade. Boom. I got $40 for my PS3 copy once they announced the remastered version.

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I feel for ya man. I've spent 10 years of my life working in the bar business. In that time I've done my share of bouncing. Fuck roid heads. They are the absolute worst when they get a few drinks in them. Not saying every dude who is obsessed with the gym is an asshole, but in my experience almost every damn one of them are cocky pieces of shit who love to act tough. They are also never as tough as they make themselves out to be, hence why they need to attack in numbers like they did to you. When it is a fair fight, they simply rip their shirt off to show off and yell a lot while being conveniently held back.

It sucks what happened, but you did the right thing. Always stand up for the right thing. If you encounter assholes like this again, confront the situation with friends or bouncers. I can guarantee you they won't even throw a punch when the numbers aren't in their favor.