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8.1 for me on my desktop when I'm using windows (I dual boot with Ubuntu). First thing I did was download the classic shell. I do run 7 on my laptop, as that is a couple years old.

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Follower from Gamespot, and here since day one. Pretty well spend time on the site every day, although I'm not a big forum poster by any means.

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His Waluigi sign got on RAW as well albeit not nearly as much since his seats were off to the side near the commentary table.

He had #RawisWaluigi trending at one point I'm pretty sure.

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That Main Event was fantastic. Brock was just outstanding, Roman was terrible though. He looked so fucking stupid just smiling after every suplex. Also 3 F-5s and 10 suplexes and Roman was fine. However Brock being pushed into the steel post had him on tilt for the rest of the match. Once again it looked hella stupid.

Well played to the WWE for the ending. As many in this thread have said, the build to mania and the main event being Brock v Roman (i.e. 2 guys you had to make look strong and protect) this is probably the only ending that satisfied the fans, the competitors and creative. That said I'm still kinda disappointed that Brock didn't retain because I've loved his Title run even if its only been like 3 matches. Hes quickly become my favorite guy in the company.

As for the rest of Wrestlemania I think the show as a whole was awesome. Not one match was poor. The only dissapointing things on the night was:

  • Big Show winning the AtGMBR. He deserves the accolade for his service to the WWE and wrestling but others could've used the push.
  • The Undertaker and Wyatt match received no mention and no video package nor any care during the whole of Wrestlemania. They didn't even have Wyatt wait in suspense to see if Taker would show up or not, he appeared seconds after Wyatts entrance. The match itself was decent but Taker looked hella shakey and I don't know if that was him just selling or him being old as fuck.

I think Taker was just selling. He seemed fine after the match was over.

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So excited this falls between semesters. And 4 days after my bday! Would be awesome if they could do a block party like the first one. That was legendary.

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As someone who enjoys dumb humor, this movie was just bad. Felt like it was trying way too hard.

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People are still up in arms about the Monster Hunter thing? I really don't get it. Jeff burns games in to the ground all the time and he definitely doesn't end every sentence with 'well this of course is only my humble opinion'.

100% this. I see many people throwing around the terms being an adult. But yet many of them are acting like children over things Dan say and do.

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I think nostalgia alone is enough for the game to do well. I don't at all expect it to reach heights of the past, but I do think it has been long enough since the last one where people will hear about it, remember the fun times they have had with it, and buy it again. They certainly have my sale.

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They are absolutely fantastic in The Last of Us for sure. My fav weapon in that entire game.

I also remember enjoying them in Resident Evil 0 for the GC.

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@csl316: If you wanna see live Dan heartbreak, watch him and Jeff play pog.