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Sent a request to join NA East on Ps4

marcaractac is me

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@oscar__explosion: Beer is definitely an acquired taste. Not saying it could be for everyone if they stuck it out, but very few people enjoy beer at first. Beer is my jam now, but for a long time in my late teens/early 20's I found it absolutely gross. Now I enjoy them.

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Those who think video games lead to violence and what not are people who never had them growing up. Years down the road, when these people die off and are replaced by those who were raised on video games, this stuff will be a non issue. This will likely start to happen in 10-20 years rather than 50 or 60 though.

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Hooray for Lockdown!

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@the_nubster: Truth, Duder! This is reminding me of those people who refuse to do the Ice bucket challenge because there are people in the world deprived of water. As if they are gonna take that bucket of water and mail it to someone in Africa instead.

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There is absolutely no reason to do the ice bucket challenge unless your are some sort of celebrity. If you do it among your friends you are not raising awareness. What you are doing is saying "I would rather dump ice water on myself than donate $100." It actually just makes you a dick.

I'm an engineering student who can't afford to donate $100. So I made a video, challenged 3 friends who along with me donated $10 themselves. $40 raised because I accepted a challenge and challenged 3 others. Nice to know all that does is make me a dick though.

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I don't think Kojima is gonna be as hands on with it as some people think. I mean, he does have MGS5 to worry about for the time being.

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Terminator 3 was a dumb, fun movie. It was just a shitty Terminator movie. Salvation was a solid movie overall, just nowhere near the standard set by the first 2.

Sarah Connor Chronicles was the one thing that did the original movies any sort of justice. It was a shame it got cancelled so soon.