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Dan is awesome, other than the Terminator 3 thing. But mad props on T2. He has quickly become on of my favs.

I literally almost wrecked my car when he said T3 > T1 and I honestly found T3 just fine Jeff is totally dead on with the "straight to cable" feel it still was fun but...better than T1? Fucking What.

Dan's crazy habits and his just raw enthusiasm is really refreshing though.

Totally agree. I mean, Dan is right in saying T3 had some kick ass scenes. The movie overall was just facepalm worthy. But to say it was better than the first. God damn... T1 and T2 are the best. Regardless of what one a person chooses between them, neither is the wrong answer.

I fist pumped when he called out T2 as his fav movie of all time. But the T3 thing, I was like dammit. Can't stick up for you there.

Dan is fucking awesome though. No doubt he was the best man for the job. For people to judge him over his taste in movies or food is just dumb really. Like... who gives a shit?

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T1 and 2 are my two fav movies. Both are so different, yet so great. So hard to choose which one I like more, but I usually go with T2 solely based on special effects. Fuck Terminator 3.

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If you're the sort of person that gets perturbed by another man's eating habits (as long as they don't involve something truly grotesque), you're not really going places.

I thought it should be said.

Truth. I think it is sad that this thread is devolving into arguing about tea. I'm 29. I've never tried it either. I also really don't care to, as hot beverages aren't my thing.

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Just ask her if she wants to hang out outside of work. Absolutely no harm in it.

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Dan is awesome, other than the Terminator 3 thing. But mad props on T2. He has quickly become on of my favs.

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@irvandus: Right? I miss the days when the entire community was awesome. Overall it still is, but man. There sure have been some turds coming around as of late.

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Game downloaded, but I can't play cause the game is unable to connect to PSN

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@marc: Is it stopping mid download?

It;s downloading slow as fuck, but it's going. Getting about 1MB every 5 seconds lo

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This is why preloading needs to always be a thing

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Now I'm getting a license issue. Ugh