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It is a lot of fun! I play mostly with random people and it's really fun to see that you're just automatically working together. I've had a couple of times where it was 2 vs 4 (i was one of the two) and you just gather up supplies, pick a spot and defend it for all your worth. It can get really intense :)

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Btw, just a friendly tip. The Warlocks super ability is the only super ability with which you can kill yourself i've noticed (so far). I made a stupid mistake and found that out.. I wanted to kill something in another room, i figured i could fling the orb through a window... It did not work. Hit the wall and killed me for being too close to thedetonation :p

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@kain55: I had the same problem with the Warlock glide until i figured out you have to quickly tap the jump in succession. It works like a better version from the Titans lift imo at least at early levels.

I still don't know which class i like best. For pvp I definitely prefer the warlock, i had 4 kills with one nova bomb, it was ridiculous. I also really like the grenades. Hunter was the 'easiest' to play with in pve for me, i don't think i died a single time while playing. Sniping does soooo much damage and makes boss fights a lot easier.

And Titan is in the middle for me, i love the melee. But if i played as a titan i would probably want to try out the Defender subclass. So for me it's still up in the air!

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Looks a little blurry but still pretty good! It also plays very smooth, i've had one instance where i experienced a lag spike in a story mission, the array one. Other than that, smooth sailing.

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If anyone has a ps3 code to spare, that would be amazing :)

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@leebmx: why surprised? Netherlands - Argentina went into overtime as well, it's quite similar.

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@thomasnash: i agree. I'm thinking the same thing. The worst outcome would be penalties, that just feels wrong for a final.

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I'm just hoping it won't be another match where two teams will play on the defensive instead of offensive. Though it's a given Argentina will play defensively at least in the beginning.

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@meltac: he is nominated. Though i think it'll go to either Moller or Messi.

Too bad the brazilian team didn't stay on the field though, showed poor sportmanship. The Brazilian crowd was great however :)

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Indeed pretty boring. They're playing very similar, all defense and only two/three people on offense.