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An interesting yet disappointing collection 0

By now, Edmund McMillen has become a staple in the indie game development community; between his role in the hit documentary Indie Game: The Movie and his half of the development for Super Meat Boy he now ranks among the indie greats such as Jonathan Blow, the developer of Braid. So now we have The Basement Collection, which is a motley crue of games previously created -- alongside varying partners -- by McMillen, that is also chock full of extras that may, depending how much you care about the ...

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A Disappointing Entry to a Great Series 0

Growing up as a kid, I had a varied exposure to racing games. From the ripe age of four, I started playing the original Midtown Madness and its sequel, Test Drive 5, Grand Turismo 3, and Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (the original). While some of those games have a special place in my heart, Dirt 2 is undoubtedly one of my favorite racing games. The feel of the racing is great with its mix between realism and arcade handling, alongside the fact that rally racing is one of the best racing sports th...

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A Fun Hack'n'Slash with Plenty of Style (And Sexual Overtones) 0

As video games become a more and more popular medium for people to create in, and as they expand into new areas, many trends are becoming extremely popular amongst developers. Online multiplayer, character upgrade systems, and hidden collectibles: all of these are examples of trends that have become integrated into nearly all of the games we play whether they are the next triple-A blockbuster or the small independent games that have become increasingly popular lately. But there is one trend that...

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