Games Best Suited for DJ Hero Turntable Support.

Buying a game peripheral, be it dance mat, fake guitar, or maracas, is a damn tricky proposition. On the one hand, you get a game with a unique set of input mechanics that make the gameplay experience novel. On the other hand, your expensive peripheral is supported by, what, three other games? Tops? Suddenly, you'll buy any video game that supports your peripheral, not because of game quality, but to justify the cash you dropped on that plastic Ukulele. Rock Revolution doesn't look so bad when you've dropped 300 dollars on instruments, now does it?
But at least  instrument controllers, particularly guitars, microphones, and drums, have a small suite of games and game styles that you can enjoy. But that new, fancy DJ Hero controller? How many games, outside of DJ Hero and other DJ Hero products, are honestly going to support that thing? A Half-Assed Fake Turntable with only one wheel of steel? Who is going to cater to that crowd?
I will.
I present to you, the Giant Bomb community, a list of games that would be GREATLY enhanced by DJ Hero support. Your favorite games are all fine and good, but what would a fake-ass turntable bring to the....table?

List items

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I bow down before you

Posted by Tylea002

Holy crap, in Rez. Oh My God that'd be superspecialawesome! *dreams*

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This is indeed a lovely list.

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I remember the Poffins.

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So say i wanted to play or implement a dj hero turntable into a game like lets say rapelay how would that work?

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As a person who owns one of these turntable devices, is there any actual use for it besides DJ Heros 1 and 2?

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You sir have just won the game.