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    @darthslughorn said:@andrew2696 said: "Yoshi could eat a peach for hours." Bombcast 11/11/2014 2:33:45Brad was pissed, but I almost choked laughing.That. shit. was. fucking. gold.I was dying.

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    Joe Juba's GI review is probably what pushes me to get the game. GI's scores can seem inflated, but that guy knows his RPG shit. He did enough to warn me away from the last one, so the fact he gave t...

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    I wish I had a good PC to play this game, because I don't really want to play it on the consoles right now. Oh well, I'll just wait for a sale and then live with the frame rate.Edit: Is the video qual...

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    @geraltitude said: Been playing it for a few hours now, no complaints. Honestly it looks pretty amazing. If you aren't the kind to really stamp your feet over bugs and framerate issues I'd say not to...

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    Hey, duder. Just wanted to say I love your avatar - one of the best Quick Look moments ever!
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