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@bonorbitz: Not sure if you grabbed it yet, but GeForce 344.75 is up now (Game Ready Driver for Far Cry, Inquisition, The Division)

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Some people like that stuff. Then again, some people like haggis so there's no accounting for taste.

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@bdead said:

Looking at that makes me want to upgrade my aging 2500k. Gear lust is the worst.

GBeast needs to upgrade anyway, the 780 Ti is soooo dated now.

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I would think a game that is technically unplayable would be a zero, not a one.

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Alright I'm closing this for now. If information about this alleged problem with Denuvo comes up from a more reputable source then feel free to either PM the mods with the updated information and we can unlock this topic, or go ahead and start a new thread. If you're going to start a new thread, please make sure your sources aren't just other sites and forums citing the original Russian article and nothing else, because right now that appears to be all there is.

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It seems like so far the only outlet reporting this is "GameMag.ru" and no one else. The sources you listed don't seem to be sources, but instead just other people linking back to the original Russian article. Evidently the data from that article is based around information from one of their users and not even a tech firm or something who is actually known for reliably evaluating these types of things.

So what we have right now is essentially someone on a forum (this one) linking to some other forum as a source, who in turn cited another forum as a source. Given that the PC review code for Inquisition has been out for awhile and there have been other PC games in users hands for awhile that use Denuvo and not a peep has been said about this issue at all, I'm almost not comfortable even allowing this topic to remain open. We'll see how it goes, but if anyone has a better source that can confirm any of this information, please post it.

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I edited in Call of Duty 2 and it broke the poll. However, one could argue that the poll was even more broken without COD2 as an option.

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I though the last gen version were completely without the nemesis system. Is that not true?

That's what I thought, too. It's hard to tell from this video, maybe the system is stripped down somehow.

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Wow...that combat at the end looked like it was running at about 10 fps, complete with tearing. The facial animations did make me laugh, though. That's too bad, it's such a great game.