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*Phil Fish gets sensitive information hacked and released publicly, complains about it on twitter*

"man this guys has problems. What a drama queen"

Seriously. I'd bail too if this happened to me.

I might take him more seriously if it weren't for things like this...note the date. It's unfortunate that he got doxxed, but at this point I'm just sick of hearing about his antics.

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Oh please. This isn't the first time Phil Fish has "left" Twitter and certainly won't be the last. He'll keep on doing his thing and I'll keep on not buying his games.

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@tyrrael: Calm down dude...it's an Unpopular Opinions topic, not System Wars rage time.

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It's fine. Just get Classic Shell and it'll be so close to Windows 7 you will hardly be able to tell the difference.

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My thoughts exactly, dude.

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@berserker976: It's a tad shady but it's been reported here and there that it appeared in the Steam database for a march release. Grain of salt.

Tons of games have appeared on the steam database and never come out.

It's a multiplatform game published by Activision...the smart money is on a PC release.

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@splodge: I understand the feeling...it sucks because after I got used to playing hardcore, regular mode just wasn't as fun anymore. The sense of tension and accomplishment I get from hardcore is still worth the risk of the occasional lag or bug death.

Still looking forward to Seasons, though. Should be coming pretty soon.

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@splodge: Yeah it's pretty lame. I understand the policy of never reversing hardcore deaths though, otherwise people would just be sending in tickets and claiming lag even if it's because they were busy showing their stream viewers pics on their cell phones or something dumb like that.

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Speaking of lag spikes being the number one HC killer...I just started a new hardcore Crusader and died at level 7 after my screen froze for 6-7 seconds because the game was trying to load a piece of armor that dropped. NICE