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My Real Life PipBoy. Fuck the game, I want the pip boy!!!

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I bought CS at fred meyers and bought condition zero i think right after on steam.. I think I went over a year before I bought anything else and New Vegas was at least 2 years into me having steam before I really added to my library.. I now own 421... Graduating high school and having full time jobs really makes a difference in my buying habits :-/

Fallout New Vegas RetailRetail
Recettear: An Item Shop's TaleSteam Store
Swarm ArenaSteam Store
Morrowind Game of the YearSteam Store
Condition ZeroSteam Store
Counter-Strike: Source


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A few 10/10's


Demons souls

Dark Souls

Pokemon r/b/y/silver.. Fuck gold, Lugia All day!

Portal 1/2

Personal 3 fes

WoW.. I have spent 2 years logged into that game. I dont play it now but I cant say any game has beat that timeframe of playing...

Dragon Warrior Monsters


and the runner ups at 8-9/10's

Dark Souls 2

All other Pokemon colors / gems / letters

Personal 4

GTA3, san andreas, vice city, V

Fallout 3 & new vegas

Disgaea (all of them)

Mass effect 1,2,3


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DA:I was the only Dragon age game I spent time to actually learn. I thing its really fun and so far have about 40-50 hours in it. Haven't beat it but thats like almost all my games. I never really "beat" anything as I dont want it to end. I just tell myself that Ill come back to finish it later and just keep thinking about what could be next... i hate when good things end :(

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I wish they would just hurry up. I havent touched destiny since a few weeks prior first dlc. Not enough to entice me back yet.

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i got the ps3 collection when it came out since EA pulled me3 from steam which meant i couldnt continue my story as easily.. I love ME but i wont rebuy it again for ps4 as it wont be enough change. Graphics dont need to be updated and there wont be any " New" dlc in it if they do re-re-release it on new consoles as the game is to old and everyone has moved onto the next game.

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I am buying this due to me already having a ps4.

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@humanity said:

@milkman said:

Yeah, it's straight bullshit. Such is the nature of AAA games nowadays, they're gonna try to suck every nickel and dime out of you that they can.

It's more than bullshit, it's taking something AWAY from you because you didn't give them more money.

And this is why I wont give them money anymore for that game. Not enough content I feel for 60$+ in the first place and not enough content to warrant another 15$ each dlc. Ill wait till it goes on sale possibly sometime in the far future.

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@frostyryan said:

We're humans. We're allowed to be a little irrational. Getting upset because we can't easily play something we want to play is understandable. No, video games aren't a necessity. They're a hobby/passion/ what?

How do you not get that?

Behaving like a self-centered entitled child because we can't have the newest and shiniest toy whenever we want it sure says something about modern society, doesn't it?

Modern Society? Really? I spend money I worked hard for on things I want. To call someone a self-centered entitled child simply because someone does the same and simply wants something on a device that they already own to possibly save money or for numerous other reasons should not matter to you nor to society. You need to rethink what you type and think ahead before you post bullshit like this.

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Game is fun so far as I paid 0 attention to all the beta inv i got. Ill def pay to play this for a while. i still play wow every 4-6 months for a while as I have since its initial launch. MMO's just kill me after a while due to I get to into them and burn myself out. I have tons of other games to play so this will probably not happen as I was in junior high when wow launched and had no money so it was the only thing I could get at the time vs I work and make lots of money and buy everything I want so I have almost to much to do.. MMO's that go FTP turn me off as I think to play something this big, you should have to pay as its a gate to keep out the children who dont need to play it or the people who just sit at home all day as they need to work sometime to get money. If ESO goes FTP, I probably wont play much and it will end for me.