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Game is fun so far as I paid 0 attention to all the beta inv i got. Ill def pay to play this for a while. i still play wow every 4-6 months for a while as I have since its initial launch. MMO's just kill me after a while due to I get to into them and burn myself out. I have tons of other games to play so this will probably not happen as I was in junior high when wow launched and had no money so it was the only thing I could get at the time vs I work and make lots of money and buy everything I want so I have almost to much to do.. MMO's that go FTP turn me off as I think to play something this big, you should have to pay as its a gate to keep out the children who dont need to play it or the people who just sit at home all day as they need to work sometime to get money. If ESO goes FTP, I probably wont play much and it will end for me.

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Just equip the Heide Knight Sword and steamroll through the game.

terrible sword. same with the fire long sword. Terrible weapons. Great for low lvl starting characters but anything past the first 2 bosses make those terrible weapons.

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i will NG+ the game till it stops added the + to the NG... i beat demon's souls and dark souls till I had to go to walmart and ""Trade"" my old ps3 controller for a new one. ;D

So far, Souls games have resulted in me trading 2 controllers at my locale wally worlds and I may have to do it a third time as my black controller is starting to feel loose and my blue one is well.. its waiting for my other 20 games to enter the fray that I have neglected.

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the spaceship "outlaw star"
its a spaceship that has arms and will fucking attack you with a axe

^ was scrolling through this simply to see if this was here.. And it was.. So happy to see someone remembers this thing..

Also this. As it always has a sunny disposition on things.

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My collectors edition came in perfect condition. Steelbook, artbook, figure, map. I dont know what anyone of you are complaining about except you got screwed. Buddy who went to pick his up with me got his in same perfect condition but for 360. Steelbook on DS2 feels better then my forza horizon one.

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I play games on the 3ds.. what resolution is that? If its not fucking 1080 I am going to shit a brick..... Who cares if my ps2 has games with an awesome story and gameplay but looks like some 5year old drew everything.. Why does my ps3 play ps1 games in their native resolution of 1080 x Mud rubbed across screen with finger people drawn on it. I buy games for the awesome story and sometimes looks.. I could care less if all my games for the next year or 2 were only 720.. I have a PC for HD Porn for my HD needs.. who cares about HD games -.-

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@splatteredbloodsouls: Buy Titanfall for pc.. if you dont have a gaming PC, build one and enjoy the benefits of that instead of an Xone that will most likely not get much use from you if you already have a PS4 and dont have much idea on what you want in the future. Dont do what I did and get a console for 1-2 games... it sits on the desk/table all alone. Wanting attention but not able to get any.. its sad really.. like my 360.. so sad.

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My gamestop had 0 ps4's but could order one from the gamestop at the nearby airforce base which sadly I cant get onto for another 2 months till I get my badge for me new job for clearance onto military bases. They did have though 4-5 Xones that they told me about and stopped at simply telling me as they know me and understand my dislike towards Xbox and Live. They did get me to think about buying the WiiU though.. totally know what to say to me to help me spend money. made 3 more pre-orders for collectors when I picked up my Southpark collectors..

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I got the Collectors of this and so far I am enjoying looking at the box sitting next to my other dozen new collectors editions that I have acuired in the last 3 months.. Heres to another 3 on the way! Southpark *today*, darksouls 2 *next week* and in april ESOL! I never played any tales games before but I have loved watching them be played. I bought Xillia on ps3 during Xmas sales and have yet to touch it but its time will come.. when new games stop coming that is.

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Looks good. I would say some improvments would be to have it be slightly larger on the text as even on a 40' led tv it still looked small and I am a lazy ass and dont want to zoom. :D