Dino D-Day review

Those of you that know me will be already aware that I am a big supporter of indie game development. They appeal to me as they are often very original and you have to be original to stand of from the big boys. Many have grown in popularity that people forget that that were once a indie development. This blog was going to be a list of my favorite indie games of all time but I thought this game deserved a bit more of my attention, so heres a nice short review.
Dino D-Day first hit the scene as a free mod back in 2009 and has now hot the steam stores as a full modification. Is a mod worth my money you say?  well  surprising yes, its a fantastic game despite its bugs, firstly the setting is none other than world war 2, and if you think you can't play another ww2 fps then think again. I've already had much fun playing this game and of course had many laughs as it's main selling point is that you get to play as Nazi dinosaurs. Thats right, allies vs axis in a alternate history where Hitler as managed to manufacture dinosaurs from DNA Jurassic park style.

The game comes with 3 game mode, your standard death match, king of the hill and objective. There are not many servers currently up at this time so I can only speak for the DM game play thus far. The game play feels very chilled so if your a casual gamer like me you will feel comfortable with this, game also caters for the hardcore amongst you as some classes take a bit of skill to master on the battlefield. there was no smack talk if you were a bad player, even when my team were loosing there was no aggravation since playing as a dinosaur was so much fun however it does come to mind that the game is unbalanced, looking at the scoreboard we had more players yet would still loose. But who doesn't love a crying Hitler?

The devs have promised support for the game in the forums and said they are working on a single player component for the game, however I would like them to focus on making the multiplayer the best it can be as it still feels like a mod that came out in 2006 however from what people have been saying in the in-game chat says otherwise.

The axis have 3 human class and 3 dino classes however it is only the axis that have access to the dinos so you experiance many players rushing to these slots but autobalanceing seem to do the trick to keep the game even.
The Velocirapter feels like a hyperactive Hunter from L4D it can leap on allies and kill them instantly they can also melee and get into high places on the map to ambush unsuspecting victims!.
The Dilophoaurus can charge and head butt knock people down and then can pick them up and toss them at other players for another kill, alternative you can pick up a goat that are scattered around the map and use them as meat missiles :D
And finally the  Desmatosuchus, the tank of the battlefield, the armoured beast come equiped with a 20mm cannon attached to its back however it handles badly and aiming can be difficult. However in the right hands it can dominate the map.

Turning over to the allies, their main arsenal is of course your standard array of ww2 era weapons, PIATS, Garands, Trench guns etc oh and a rabbit can't be a war without one of those!
The rabbits are used to thin out the raptors as it disables them, when they get close enough to the meal they start to eat giving you a free headshot .
[img] http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/542891019067538114/8E078A4C966731190D15DE0617B522E9255A3C11/[/img]
If you have played DOD:S or any other ww2 shooter you can expect how the human classes to handle so I won't cover them too much but there are still some kinks to work out in the game.