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I think this game looks good, not because of the inside jokes, the self-referential humor that nobody will get, or the game's ridiculousness, but because the game looks fun to play.

Which is the only thing that mattters. But I still wish that they'd toned that stuff down to make the game sell better to casuals as a fun party game. The FGC would've bought it with or without those jokes.

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Here's the key to making all of your demons 100% loyal:

Tell Wild demons to Attack or use physical skills

Tell Kind demons to use healing and buffing skills, or just defend

Tell Dumb demons to do whatever they want

Get Sly and Calm demons drunk off their asses and temporarily convert their personalities to one of the above three

Simple as that. And once they're at Loyalty 5, you won't have to deal with it anymore.

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When it shows up in stores, the boxart should probably clue people in on it being a DC game. I wouldn't worry too much about it.