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TNT was great tonight as was the live launch event. Brad might not be top Team Liquid material but having everyone watch and comment on games is both entertaining and informative to new players. 
Would the crew or any of the users be interested in a weekly Bradcraft segment in which Brad and guest(s) watch his replays and discuss different strategies? I'd defiantly enjoy that 
Edit: Bombcraft?

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 Still betting that they'll try to install/log in only to have them be told to wait 4 more hours     
Edit: Failing that, I bet Bobby C got them hooked up with early access or something

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I love the chatrooms. Full of memes and people trying to get their names spoken on the stream

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How do they plan on playing at 8pm? Don't the servers go live at 12?

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Overlord pack for me!

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Not many people in the beta, guy. I'll join you guys if/when I get my invite though

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Out of interest, could you guys also post the method of how you got in? Via opt-in, blizzcon codes or twitter

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I didn't get a key
I can't express how I'm feeling

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Source: Blizzard investors conference call that just concluded. Team Liquid and every other SC site is going crazy at this news
 Condensed version of events
30 pages of people going HOLY SHIIIIIIT

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If the tracklist is good and I can make an idiot of myself online then I'm pumped to play this game. Who else feels the same? This section of the site feels barren