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Oh, a cover based shooter with jumping sections, but this time, with better visuals! How exciting and amazing!

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It was content, not form.

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Coming hot off of Silent Hill 3, that game had a protagonist (Heather) I could just never get attached to until maybe the last few hours. I can say with certainty that I really liked Alex as a character and the supporting cast was done well enough to help propel him even higher. Alex is much more than a one dimensional character and it shows right off the bat of the game.

... What.

No, let me rephrase that:

... What.

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I remember following the game's development closely back then, after having played the impressive, but noticeably work-in-progress demo. The developers sounded extremely proud when they talked about building a game with no loading times, and reviewers did highlight that.

Ah yes, that brings back memories. I had good times with Soul Reaver.

Not so much with the sequel, however. You mentioned a "complex narrative", but Soul Reaver 2 is one of the worst offenders of keeping that narrative cutscene-only. Almost everything interesting in Soul Reaver 2 happens non-interactively.

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I always stay for and read the credits of films that I liked.

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A proper Silent Hill HD collection that is not worse than the PS2 versions and includes The Room, Origins and Shattered Memories.

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Beyond the Nintendo franchise titles: Shattered Memories, Dead Space: Extraction, Little King's Story, TvC, Muramasa, Sin&Punishment 2, the No More Heroes and Red Steel 2 and obviously Xenoblade are a good place to start.

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The money I would pay to see a game with dynamic pre-rendered backgrounds similar to the REmake realized with today's technology. Oh dear god.

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@SirOptimusPrime said:

@Meowayne: Are you implying the other games play well? :D

Compared to The Room, a piano with upturned knives for keys plays well. I have always been fine with controls and combat in these games, but The Room killed me.

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But wait, you're not skipping The Room, are you? The game plays terribly, but is worth it for the story and lore.