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Fate Stay Night - Unlimited Blade Works - 15 The more I watch this the more I hate the Deen movie. Seriously this versions has a lot more emotion, speed and pace. The hell Deen!?

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Assassination Classroom - 13 - Nagisa the cutest assassin that ever lived.

Shokugeki no Souma 3 - So much honey! Also Yukihira bees.

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Currently watching Shirobako and it really good. The struggle, organization, timing, and production of anime is pretty interesting. Characters are fun to watch and the pacing is really good.

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Shokugeki no soma - The extreme food porn and pretty sexy. It looks fun and the main character has a interesting aspect to food and cooking.

@bigjeffrey: Yeah, Expelled From Paradise is pretty good. Think dances with wolves in a way.

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This was not what I was expecting from the crossover but if it works out in the end than I'm ok with it. It is hardly smt and kinda FE.

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Yuri Kuma Arashi - 12 OMG!

Sumika kumaria, Kureha now a bear, her and Ginko exchange kisses and now are in bear heaven, and the invisible storm falling apart.

The show is crazy but it something like a Stanley Kubrick or David Lynch film where it meanings are hidden under the strangeness and you come with a new view on the world. A really interesting show.

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@tjern: Yeah that was not Wit at it best and more Wit doing a prototype.

@bigjeffrey: Yeah that ending works to the show's benefits.

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@bigjeffrey: If Gen has wrote the ending it would had been smartly dark or bittersweet. This was obviously a end most people wanted and a unexpected one. It was a fun series in the end of it all.

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Death Parade 12 - Not a bad ending

The series set up some interesting ideas but there a few parts that felt unneeded. Still it was a nice show.

Rolling Girls 12 - Could had been something.

Art style and animation was the only thing unique about it but it silly story, plot, and flat characters bring the show down.

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@i_stay_puft: Tom did wanted the site to do bigger things and so now he is. However, that means letting go of the site but that may be for the better as it just been his post and the community was hard to see since the design of the site remind in it old design.