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I was middle school in art class. We heard sirens going by the school sine a fire station was near by and didn't really think about it since we always heard them. It wasn't till the next class that we got the news and was leaving school early. Wasn't sure what I was think at the time but I remember feeling something was wrong. I was also in the boy scouts at the time but I was too young to do any real help with the damage. Made me feel a little helpless specially after my scout master said he would had liked he and the other team to help out in some way. After that I would do my best to donate to the 9/11 memorial at least every year.

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Man, that character is super cute!

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The problem comes in with how this is working and it being worked by robots and not humans. Did these companies really fire that many people that they need robots to do their work? Is it really that expansive to hire people to analysis videos to really see if they were really using music that they shouldn't use?

Copyright has become a form of desperateness from these companies to make sure they are making money and to keep a new form of entertainment down.

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Dog + hoodie = the greatest game ever!

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Extra credit made a video about how it is a very uncanny valley of motions(or input controls).

From the video it is a very a human interaction problem and to get around it we need to think what motions do work before the idea of a game, not the game then motion.

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Why is everything set in High School?

It usually because it a was a time that every shares. In terms of Japan many believe that High school is the time they let loose, discover, and learn about themselves and the world around till they begin to join the work force.

Why is does everyone look 12 Even though they are in high school?

cute is very marketable and having characters look cute attracts people. Also Asians usually look younger than their real age.

Why do people constantly bleed through their noses?

Use in comedy to show extreme reaction to something sexy.

What is BL?

Boy love, simply romance of two males.

Why is everyone afraid of the opposite gender I mean they are literally adults right?

Usually it social awkwardness and in their culture it socially not right to show affection in public but slowly every year the young are changing that idea.

Why are little sisters always portrayed as "cute adorable" ?

Well they usually are.

As for animes to check out

Claymore - Female warriors infused with monster blood must fight against other monsters.

Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet - A young soldier must adjust to life without fighting

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing - or any of the older gundam series (Usually before 2000s)

Attack on Titan - Humans fight against monster who do nothing but eat humans

Fullmetal alchemist brotherhood - Brothers trying to find the philosopher's stone while uncovering some dangers about it

Rurouni Kenshin - Story of a samurai who will protect people without killing

Gurren Lagann - Just watch it

Usagi Drop - Story of a man adopting a child that no one wanted

After these you can try out these

Mushishi - A man researching about Mushi the most basic forms of life in the world and understand why they exist.

Bakemonogatari - a complex story of a boy with vampire powers helping girls with super natural illnesses.

Serial Experiments Lain - Story of technology and a girl who gets choice up in it

Madoka magica - A girl's journey to not only becoming a magical girl but what it means to be one

Fate/Zero - a war for the holy grail with famous or infamous characters from history who are bond by modern day people to fight

Psycho-Pass - The future of law enforcement where the top ranking officers were high level criminals and a network system that tells you where you belong

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Kadokawa isn't good at making games but they know who makes good games and it not a bad move to take up the studio. It the same as Sega sammy getting Atlus, Keep a good studio alive and help them make games that will do well. Also Dark souls anime, how cool would that be?

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Anime since I'm more likely to be happy watch it than the few moments I seen some wrestling shows. Also lot more absurd moments in anime than wrestling. High school boy transforms in a new outfit to pilot a mech > meat heads fighting in a locker room.

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Captain Earth - Like star driver but less flamboyant.

Love live season 2 - More Love live.