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Anime since I'm more likely to be happy watch it than the few moments I seen some wrestling shows. Also lot more absurd moments in anime than wrestling. High school boy transforms in a new outfit to pilot a mech > meat heads fighting in a locker room.

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Captain Earth - Like star driver but less flamboyant.

Love live season 2 - More Love live.

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Been a while since I been here.

Here a video for the Love live fans

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Sent him a message on checking out katawa-shoujo but that'll be one he can do on his own time since that wouldn't make good stream time. Persona 4 would be nice if he is will to capture Vita video. Not sure if he tried out Antichamber but that a good mind bending puzzle game.

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Tried out the 3DS and man it lacking in terms of checking out the game features. It only main attraction was meeting with Torri, the strange girl of the game, but it very tunneling and not letting you experimenting with the features a little. Also drop in frame rate, audio, and lack of dual screen use (Put the damn map on the bottom screen!) and it pretty obvious that the Vita is the clear platform for this game.

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Played both the jp demo and the us one. I can safely assure you. The voice work are terrible in both version imo but the game is ok.

I would say the English voice are better since they fit the characters.

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Wanted to make a proper thread for our thoughts on the demo.

Starting with Vita version it pretty obvious that it smooth as hell from the visual novel segments to the labyrinths. The 2D art are both smooth and colorful with lots of expressions and the 3D model, while not super details, has a nice style. Gameplay has a nice twist with attack enemies from different sides to hit a weak point and when a enemy sets up for a power attack you can take a chance to do chain attacks to earn extra exp, cash, and BP for the creation of Children, who are the Persona or pokemon of this game. You get them by "Classmating" with the 7 heroine of the game (In the demo it 4) and depending of the level of relationship you have with heroine will effect the stats, level limit, and abilities the child has. Voice acting is up with Atlus's standards and while some find it hard at first it not bad and could be far worst. I also find it better than the Japanese VO where the voices tones don't fit with the characters from videos I seen. The characters are pretty typical anime fare with the hardworking girl, best friend character, sassy teacher, teacher who is your age, shy girl, etc. However, they aren't 2 dimensional as they have a mind of their own and not mindless beings. The main character has a bit of dept to him as he talks a bit, with a real voice, and has a little more personality in his dialog choices.

There some odd stuff like how there a weird amount of boob jiggle in the game that wasn't needed. The classmating scene that makes it look like they are doing it but realistically it not. And some dialog that wasn't needed.

It a pretty nice game but it not for everyone. It also not Persona in the way many would want it to be but it a decent RPG that has some moves. Interested in trying the full game out.

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I like how everyone assumes this means that Facebook is going to be the only group that's allowed to publish games for the tech. Or something, I'm not sure what people are upset about. It's not like all of the games that are being made for the Rift are suddenly going to be cancelled. They're just throwing their money at it so that they can be a part of it when this becomes the next big thing.

Well it the fact that Facebook hasn't really showed interest in games that people are worried. I do hope they just leave them be instead of forcing ideas of their own and discarding the plans OR had in store.

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This could either go good or bad. Good in that it'll get large backing, increase quality, and faster release. Bad in that Facebook would not care for the games that we would want and be too in to the social aspect of the whole thing. Because we never seen facebook having a interest in games until recently we don't know if they really do care about it as much as Amazon or some other social systems. Hopefully they are looking into it and not making this cool system in some over done social experience. Otherwise, Project Morpheus will just sweep the VR scene.