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@i_stay_puft: Tom did wanted the site to do bigger things and so now he is. However, that means letting go of the site but that may be for the better as it just been his post and the community was hard to see since the design of the site remind in it old design.

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So two animes finished today.

Parasyte - Ending has pretty sweet, almost gave me a heart attack. Didn't like how it just brought a character we forgot about till now, had a feeling he was coming back.

Overall the series was really good. Interesting character growth, nice action, and while the questions it brings up kinda loss their meaning having it repeated it still makes you question our being.

Kantai Collection - bullshit! Everyone safe and season 2.

It was a fun series like how Strike Witches is fun but it doesn't do a good job at building it world and characters, at least most of it characters. Fights could had been a lot cool if the character actually were in danger and when a character did get killed off they're weren't memorable. It a ok show but it not one that deserve better and may not have earned it sequel.

I like she just goes for a point blank range attack
Will you two just get a room!
Migi dropping some hot beats
I just find this to be cute
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Yuri Kuma Arashi - 11 Kuma WTF!

Lulu dead!


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@i_stay_puft: It not really a huge bummer (Till you get to the last few episodes where it deviates from the manga). For some the anime got over hyped by fans and many expected some new concept to the action adventure genre. It really just a fun show using existing concepts and not building big ideas but big action.

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Finally giving Akame ga Kill! a shot. First episode was very promising.

It pretty good as long as you don't take most parts too seriously.

Also Shiina-sama is love

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Stupid Parade 11 - And the award for most wasted potential this season goes tooooooooooo...

this show. The award goes to this show. They fucking earned the shit out it.

It was doing so good and then things got weird in a bad way.

Serial Experiments Lain - This some weird ass show so far

That a classic you got there. The original Madoka Magica.

So I just caught up with Parasyte and man that show good. There are some hiccups and it kinda repeat some meaningful questions too often but it solid.

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Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso - Final episode

True Beauty

While the show had some set backs like the cliche childhood friend romance and the physical humor, it remained strong with passion on music and character.

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@bigjeffrey said:

Hitsugi_no_Chaika_OVA | It was pretty silly

It sure is.

Been watching Arpeggio of Blue Steel recently and it not half bad. Pretty good cg, interesting fights and navel strategy, and while sami-robot girls controling war ships is kinda ridiculous it not to the ridiculous level of Kancolle.

Now for some sami-robot girls doing cute things

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Yuri Kuma Arashi - 10

Oh my Kumashock

Cybears, Yuri cannons, Lulu almost died, and Kureha in Yuri court!

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