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Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso - 19

This wont end well.

So pretty nice episode and the 3 pianist got together.

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Kantai Collection - 08

Chicks are packed!

So fun little episode. Also Nagato being cute

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Yuri Kuma Arashi - 08

Kuma shock to the max. It was so shocking we couldn't hear it due to the thunder!

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@sergio: It was pretty good. The piano match between Kousei and Nagi was pretty good.

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Kantai Collection - 07

Oh good, they didn't forget about the fighting. So Fubuki badass moment, Zuikaku finially got that stick out of her butt, and these...

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Same here

I bet everyone is having the problem.

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Kantai Collection - 06

Whole episode was about the 4 Akatsuki class destroyers working hard to win the curry contest. Cute little episode but can we get back to the battle? This show is getting inconsistent with it tones.

Pic time

Seriously, is this the only thing they have to eat. No wonder everyone is hyped for the curry contest.
Ok ladies, that not how you heat a pot up. Are these girls really allowed to use these equipment.
And the only person with sense in the group is the Russian.
The same Russian that is wearing a pot on her head -_-;
Would totally like to see them in action. I really do!
Akagi, you're not suppose to eat the ingredients.
Well at least Fubuki is enjoying herself
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Yuri Kuma Arashi - 06 Kumashock!

Ginko alive and Lulu and her were able to become friends with Kureha. The invisible are complete asshole, setting up a party to fuck with Kureha feelings just because they label her as Evil due to their social cues. Kaoru is in bed with what I suspect is the teacher.

God damn this show. But...

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Assassination Classroom - 04 - Still at it again with it odd comedy. Government sends a super sexy assassin Irina Jelavic to kill Koro-sensei (Obviously) but that back fires from another of his weird abilities. After the failure the rest of the episode is her trying to warm up to the students after being mistreated by her.

Death Parade - 05 - Talk about a change of pace. We learn a bit of how the underworld works, learn a little bit about nameless, and Nona being herself.

Pic time!

I don't think this is the perfect time to complain about that Kaede
I want a solar system pool table D: