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Meh. That about sums up my feelings about this season so far. I'm guessing that the ones behind the murders will turn out to be that free love hippy commune leading to the irony of Rachel McAdams having to arrest her own father. It would make sense considering the theme this season seems to be about people not being honest about their true nature. Colin Farrel needs to accept that he's a bad father, Highway cop needs to accept being a total slut on the inside. Vince Vaughn needs to accept that he's actually a bloodthirsty mob boss. And so on and so forth. Sort of the general theme of people in Los Angeles in real life. Shouldn't I know the names of these characters by now? They're barely even characters, more like actors with conveniently written dialogue. I've seen Vince Vaughn play a hard ass character so many times that just making him a harder ass is not doing it for me.

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@turtlebird95: ippo is fantastic, the old show of course and manga is also really good but not for the last year or so. I think for crazy like Kuroko type stuff would be Eyeshield 21 anime it is quite entertaining. Major is one the better baseball anime and while it is not nearly as fantastical or crazy as most, it is really more personal and we see main character growing up through the show from just a kid to an adult in 5 or 6 season. Another one would be One outs, it is also baseball anime but a little more clever maybe and the main character is just badass. For more modern shows Haikyuu is not quite alright. It's about volleyball and more typical shounen. My advice is just to try few shows at the same time and see which hooks you up.

Pretty much everything here though personally I thought Eyeshield got really irritating after a while. Also check out Ping Pong: The Animation which was arguably one of the best shows last year though it's only like 11 episodes long. You could also keep watching Prince of Tennis because of how goofy as hell the actual tennis is. Like Kuroko that's yet another one where I say skip over the bullshit that's not the sport in question. The thing with sports anime is that most of them try to fit some humor but most of the time it's quite bad. It can't all be as funny as the stuff in Ippo. Fair warning you probably won't find many sports shows nearly as good as Ippo (I know I haven't) but that's a ridiculously high bar.

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@turtlebird95: Been playing a little bit of that game myself. The gameplay is pretty bland but the fan service is damn great at times. Gintoki's move set in particular is hysterical though I can also see it getting tiresome if you try to main him or something. Same goes for everybody since the moves are fairly limited. Nonetheless I always love when these games get released and now that they went with an international retail release brings me unparalleled amounts of joy.

Read a lot of Hitman Reborn but it was really not my cup of tea. I tried reading dozens and dozens of chapters desperately trying to find something to like about it but to no avail. Maybe it's funnier in anime form but I can't say for sure.

I saw like 3 episodes of Sket Dance and was tepid about it. It's a parody show focused on high school anime tropes. You might say it's the Gintama of high school anime. Apropos considering one of said episodes I saw was in fact a crossover with Gintama. They even have the exact same type of character trio featuring a clever dude, a strong girl, and a (un)reliable leader. I don't know it was kind of funny but the scenes that are suppose to be the climactic anime moments are unbelievably mundane.

Kuroko's Basketball is duuuuuuuuumb. The action is so absurd in how serious it is that it's hard not to like. I say just skip through all the story and character garbage between games because that stuff is so lame and boring. I kind of love/ hate that show and I never even saw the first season. Keep in mind sports anime is a guilty pleasure of mine so take it with a grain of salt.

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Damn, PWG tickets sold out faster than a porcupine on roller skates last night. They were gone so fast that I imagine there will be quite a few extras to be passed off in line, it's hard to say for sure. My heart goes out to people who have to drive cross country or fly cross continent if they couldn't get tickets. I can't really complain since I'm in the enviable position of being within a few blocks of the venue. I could always decide walk over if I feel like it or save up for BOLA this year. Ugh, becoming helplessly addicted to PWG is not healthy for the wallet.

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Lucha Underground is still the best. I'd like to know if Mil Muertes is suppose to actually be teleporting or if it's Prince Puma sensing his immense cosmos from a distance, or if illusions are another perk of Katrina being a wraith. Wondering if Drago will need a new color of chromatic dragon to defeat Fernandez. Depends what kind of breath weapon he requires I suppose. Lucha Underground is even bringing back enhancement matches in cool ways that don't involve something as lame as Heath Slater being knocked out by a gust of wind. Even when the commentary falters at least it's bad in a laughable way that you can brush off and not in a do your fucking job kind of way like certain other wrestling shows.

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@golguin said:

Attack on Titan is one the best shows to come out recently and it's really easy to get into since it doesn't have the tropes that most anime shows have.

You're joking right? Sure it starts off off that way with a unique premise, then that 6th episode hits and you're like "Oh, this is just another anime-ass anime isn't it?" Even before that they introduce just about every anime character archetype you can think of. Then again I'm saying this as one of the very few people who thinks that show is no good.

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Yes PWG was in fact pretty wild last night. Spoilers for Mystery Vortex III: Rock and Shock the Nation.

As I expected it was a lot more returning talent from the past couple shows with a handful of surprises and a mind blowing ending.

Johnny Gargano vs Tomasso Ciampa. These were the right two guys to start the show. They weren't going to do the huge crazy high spots but they brought it with the physicality. It set a nice pace going forward so I'll say it was a good match. Not a huge Gargano fan myself so seeing Ciampa give him the business was highly cathartic. Ciampa goes over after not one but two of his double knee powerbomb thing.

World's Cutest Tag Team vs Monster Mafia. Sort of weird to have a repeat of this match but it makes sense to have it again considering the outside interference from Roddy during DDT4. Despite it not being the best wrestling at the show it probably had one of my favorite spots all night. Candice tries to bodyslam Page to no avail and right when Joey is about to help her she stops him and say she'll do it. She ties her hair up then bodyslams Page by herself to a huge pop. Say what you will about Candice and Joey, they'll make a match entertaining despite having a very predictable set of moves. Looks like this was Josh Alexander's last match at the venue. A shame too because I really grew to like the Monster Mafia. He was having a deep moment with both WCTT and Ethan Page at the end, then Page sneak attacks Alexander to a chorus of boos. I suppose this means Page is going solo heel for the time being.

Biff Busick vs Timothy Thatcher. My first time seeing Thatcher. It's always cool to see more guys pushing the more technical wrestling style. I think I need to see more of him to get a good sense of how I feel about his work. I thought the match was fine. Nothing amazing but I was also pretty lit by that point. The finish was sort of a sudden tap to a hold by Biff.

In the next segment Roderick Strong comes out and says that not only is he not issuing an open challenge for the belt but he was not even going to wrestle since there's nobody worth a title shot. Speedball Mike Bailey comes out to a huge pop and Strong very nonchalantly offers a match saying it will only take him 5 minutes to finish. It definitely went longer than 5 minutes! It's a perfect match up when you think about it. Shitty little booty versus not boots. These guys went to town on each other in a terrific wrestling match. Speedball might be the most natural baby face being booked at PWG. Fucking Canadian wrestlers are crazy dude. Roddy retains after doing what he always does. Working the back and being real shitty about it.

Brian Cage vs John Silver. When Silver came out I assumed I was about to see The Beaver Boys in action. I noticed Reynolds wasn't with him and when Cage came out I realized that this match was going to be fucking awesome. We got a pretty funny pose off between the two at the start. Silver has looked like a total rock star for every PWG he's been at. He's fantastic at that faux super heavyweight style and Cage was the perfect guy to help demonstrate that. Conversely Cage had a lot of great moments of agility contrary to being the size that he is. I don't know this might have been my favorite match due to all the ridiculously mismatched strong man spots. Cage goes over after a discus clothesline.

Chris Hero vs Zack Sabre Jr. Chris Hero was one of the guys who you know was wrestling no matter what since he was already selling shirts and doing commentary earlier. When Sabre came out I lost my shit. While the previous match was my favorite of the night this one might have been the actual best wrestling all night. Sabre is another one of those guys at the forefront of the technical wrestling revival happening among the younger indie guys. He was working Hero's elbowing arm so much that Hero gig'd his hand to help sell the damage with some color. Quite a bit of blood got around the place but ultimately it didn't seem a huge gash. Zack Sabre Jr. goes over after an amazing match.

So the final segment of the evening bringing the total number of matches on the card to 7 instead of the normal 8 or 9 but it made up for it with what came next. The tag champs Trevor Lee and Andrew Everett come out and say that there's really no one left for them to challenge since they've beaten all the best teams so the two of them just start a wrestling match between themselves. Then who should come out with a microphone, none other thatn THE YOUNG BUCKS. It sounded like a good portion of the crowd knew they would be there but I was totally rocked and shocked. They talk a bunch of shit and goad Trevorett into a title defense. So for the final match of the show we got an incredible tag match featuring the best tag team on planet earth. You know the Bucks do what they always do but the real crazy shit happens at the very end.

So just when Trevorett had the match in the bag I think it was Nick who pulls Knox out of the ring and lays him out on the floor with a super kick. So after the ref bump who should come out, Roderick fucking Strong to help the Bucks take back the tag belts. COLLUSION. So as they're beating up Trevorett after the match, Candice and Joey come out for some comeuppance with the shitty little champ but are also layed out by the Bucks. A few more baby faces keep trying to come out to stop the destruction of these three assholes and are all rebuffed. At one point Knox comes in to try to take control but is knocked down as Roddy sets up some chairs in the ring to repeat the ending of Untitled II. Now up to this point some of the lights have been going on and off which definitely created a stir for awhile and sure enough they all go out before Knox gets decimated over some chairs. Super Dragon appears presumably to stop Roddy's reign of terror but instead orange crushes Knox through the stack of chairs himself. The four guys in the ring then all hug. COLLUSION. A few more baby faces come out to try to stop them most of which end up getting Psycho Driver'd. Even Exacilbur comes down from commentary and he also eats a bump. This new group of heels then start draping Mount Rushmore 2.0 T-shirts around the ring after clearing it all out. Needless to say I'm not happy at this point. The original Mt Rushmore was great because all four guys were all on equal levels of talent and charisma. Although I think Roderick Strong is doing a good job as a heel champ he's not nearly as entertaining as Steen or Cole so I actually really enjoy booing him. And Super Dragon is too far over the hill to be an interesting part of an angle like this in 2015. Regardless of that it was an amazing final segment to have at the end of yet another killer PWG event. The nation was both rocked and shocked.

Looking over some more of the gets for BOLA this year and holy shit this year dudes...

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PWG's Mystery Vortex III is tomorrow night. I'd like to think that anybody could show up though it's hard to say. Whatever happens down in Reseda on Friday night will surely Rock and Shock the Nation. If you've gotten your DDT4 2015 DVDs yet then be sure to check out my thoughts for that night on page 371 of the thread. I'll try to post something about this upcoming show as soon as I'm sober enough. Also fuck Roderick Strong.

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Gintama always manages to make me laugh. I think the resolution to this recent 3 parter could've been funnier. If it were up to me it would've ended with Otae swapping genders into a hideous gorilla like monster and everybody has to team up to stop her rampage before everyone could change back to normal. Nothing wraps up a mini arc quite like a boss fight. A missed opportunity but it was still pretty damn absurdly funny by the end.

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I thought the first episode was fine. No where near as strong as the opening of last season. I think a problem with that has to do with front loading a whole lot of characters and it's not clear for a while who are considered the main cast. The dialogue isn't grabbing me much but the premise is interesting. The murder in question is presumably happening in a tri-county jurisdiction which is why it will need 3 collaborating teams of "true detectives" to solve the case. My guess is that further examining the victim they're going to sniff out Vince Vaughn's corruption that he's kept in line for so long. At least the characters are all appropriately fucked up in a way that I come to expect. I think the production is much better than the story, which is starting to become my overall feelings to these latter seasons of HBO shows based on books.