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And this would be the Second time Myztesziz has pulled a gun on del Rio it just keeps hapenning, in other not great news seems like Nakamura has an elbow injury nothing serious but he was told not to compete for now, Chaos does seem to be in good spirits though.

This is like a buddy movie waiting to happen. Fear and Loathing in Kabukicho.

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@hadoken101: Yeah I think I recall reading something you posted about Smash which is the only reason I even know that Gargano is a heel elsewhere. I remember thinking "Man, that sounds WAY cooler than what he's doing in PWG," because good lord he is so boring to me as a face. I sometimes question how he even got over in Reseda because I don't feel compelled to boo or cheer for him. To be fair I'm not quite as smarky as some of the crowd there so maybe I just don't get it. What's more irritating to me is that other than Roderick Strong, Gargano's probably the highest profile guy who's beaten Trevor Lee at PWG, a dude who got put over by Kevin Steen, Adam Cole, and Chris Hero all within a year. I'm with you and seriously hope that Candice kicks his ass up in Toronto.

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Konnan was at the PWG show last night as well. He looked like he was about to fall asleep near the end. I imagine he's seen a lot of spot shows and is mostly numb to them by now. All in all i think it was a good show though far from my favorite one this year. This was the first time since I started going where I had to stand at the back wall. Sort of a blessing in disguise considering how good the view is but I was definitely sore by the end. Spoilers for Threemendous IV (or at least what I can remember).

First of all one problem I had with the event was that there was not a lot of heel work period. Roderick Strong wasn't there and they even had flyers made for his birthday I guess? So other than some stuff with Mount Rushmore 2.0 minus Roddy near the end, all the other bookings were face vs face or face vs neutral badass.

World's Cutest Tag Team (Candice LeRae & Joey Ryan) vs Team Tremendous (Dan Barry & Bill Carr). It's true that Meltzer turned down Joey's lollipop but to be honest I think it was lame for the very vocal smarks to try to goad him into it. That's way too insidery to add anything meaningful to the show. Anyway Dan Barry took the lollipop from the fan who got it, it fell on the ground, and he baggie'd it as "evidence". I love Team Tremendous, they are insanely fun to watch as far as tag teams go. I really want them to interrogate the Bucks in the ring at some point in the future.

Johnny Gargano vs Brian Cage. I've mentioned before I'm not a fan of anything Johnny Wrestling does other than his propensity for saying goofy shit as he does moves. He'd be much more entertaining as a heel in my opinion though I think he is up at Smash Wrestling. Cage is cool as always but there was a botch involving Cage trying to reverse a top rope huricanrana into a second rope powerbomb. They fell off the turnbuckles and ended up having to adjust it into a fairly sloppy looking standing deadlift powerbomb. Probably the weakest match of the night but still entertaining.

Andrew Everett vs Rich Swann. Going into this match I was definitely feeling the baby face fatigue that I mentioned at the top. The match is about what you'd expect. Everett doing some flippy shit, Swann doing some flippy shit and some fun 90's wrestling shit. Favorite part for me was when Swann goes into Ken Shamrock mode after getting slapped in the face by Everett. So good. But again, who do I cheer for in a situation like this?

Tommasso Ciampa vs Trevor Lee. So I find that a good time to go to the bar is after either after the second or third match. Half way to the bar I hear Ciampa's music start and I'm already regretting that decision. Then Trevor Lee came out and I was certain that I didn't want to miss any of it. What I did catch was great. These are two guys that I've been extremely high on since going to PWG and they both bring it with the physicality every time. Ciampa grabbed a Dodgers cap from the crowd to wear and then proceeded to stomp on it. Trevor Lee takes the match with the Full Package Driver.

"Speedball" Mike Bailey vs Chris Hero. Again all these baby faces! I'll never be super high on Chris Hero but I'll be damn if he hasn't delivered on some of the best wrestling matches for the past couple shows. Got to see a little bit of technical prowess from Speedball to help compliment his crazy high spots. Both of these guys are about as over as you can possibly be in Reseda and they really tore the house down with the work they did. Speedball gets a surprise win with a flip over leg hook pin.

Ricochet vs Akira Tozawa. The match hadn't even started and it got a "this is awesome" chant. Tozawa was terrific at playing to the crowd and Ricochet does what he does best by flipping his way into people's hearts. One thing that bugged me about this and the Everett/Swann match was that there were a few too many mirrored spots between both dudes in the match. I might be nitpicking but it was noticeable to me even in a drunken haze. Regardless of that I thought the match was outstanding.

So we finally get to some heel work. After the match Ricochet gets attacked by Super Dragon. Some baby faces come out to try to stop him but then the Bucks come out wearing Super Dragon masks and proceed to clean house. More baby faces come out and either eat a super kick or a psycho driver or both. Eventually Angelico and Jack Evans come out and Super Dragon is chased off so that the main event can start.

Angelico & Jack Evans vs The Young Bucks (Champions). So after the end of Mystery Vortex III I was so ready to finally boo The Young Bucks for allying with the shitty little champ. But try as I might I just couldn't keep it going. They're just too good. Jack Evans looked liked he landed on his head a couple of times and I was not at all sure whether or not he had been concussed. Like he smacked his face on the apron twice in a row during some repeat corner high spots and it did not look intentional from where I was standing. Angelico had a pretty good showing despite not having any balconies to jump off of. I also gotta say that him and Evans had some pretty good chemistry in terms of doing team up moves. The Young Bucks retain after hitting More Bang For Your Buck. Afterwards Evans says that they'll be back for BOLA.

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A current fave five huh? Kind of tough the more I think about it. I feel like I could do a fave five for each of my top three promotions. I could even do a top five announcers if I felt like it, because there are literally only five announcers worth a damn these days. So let's get down to brass tacks. In no particular order.

Kevin Owens - I don't even have to watch WWE to know that KO is one of the absolute best wrestlers in the world. He's too good and quite frankly that company DOES NOT deserve to have him.

Shinsuke Nakamura - A dude who transcends wrestling and language barriers. He embodies everything great about the art form. Can't say enough good things about him.

Kenny Omega - Probably my favorite foreign talent in New Japan currently. Styles and O'Reily are really great as well but they don't quite bring the same level of showmanship that Omega does.

John Silver - I'm absolutely loving his fake super heavyweight schtick. He's been one of the best parts of the last few PWG shows in my opinion.

Ricochet/ Prince Puma - I got to the end of my list and I thought to myself "Who's a really good good guy?" Ricochet is terrific, not only because of his insane high flying but because he sells like a champ.

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Been on a family road trip up state. The only wrestling stuff I got in that time was watching Lucha Underground on my phone on the floor of a hotel room and The Steve Austin Show episodes with Erik Van Wagenen and Johnny Mundo. It was basically Lucha Underground Appreciation Week for me, which should be every week quite honestly.

Reading results and reactions to WWE PPVs is about all I can stomach in terms of following that product. I didn't even know there was a show tonight until reading this thread. All that matters right now is that G1 Climax starts tonight and PWG's Threemendous IV is on Friday.

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@hadoken101: You know when you're right you're right and you my friend are correctamundo.

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@milkman: Sorry, it's been so long since I last saw her I must have forgotten. Yeoh baybay.

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I'd like to believe that the hand injury was the only thing keeping Bayley from getting moved up to the main show. However I can't shake this feeling that she wouldn't have been called up anyway because someone near the top thinks she's not "hot enough". For one thing I personally find her plenty attractive and secondly that's not what I love about her character. Needless to say I hope she doesn't leave NXT for a while since it's literally the only WWE programming I watch anymore and even that has been on somewhat of a decline recently.

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When people talk about being disappointed by "wrestling" I'd appreciate it if they say what they really mean which is that they're disappointed by WWE. Some of us have very few issues with kayfabe of most wrestling promotions at large and don't just lump all wrestling into how shitty WWE's programming is, though I've solved that issue by not watching that product all together. For example I'm on the edge of my seat whenever Honma goes for a kokeshi, I have completely bought in to booing the shit out of Roderick Strong for being a fucking asshole, and I fully accept that Drago IS A DRAGON MAN. I'd even say RoH and TNA have been putting on great wrestling shows more consistently than WWE in the last year, though their problem is more that they can't produce a good TV show to save their goddamn lives.

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