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On the bright side of things the PWG show next month is booked and looking pretty entertaining despite them not having a lot of their top guys available. No Adam Cole, Red Dragon, Candice LeRae. Hell there are a couple of mid card guys I'll be sad not to see there like ACH and Rich Swan. I really wanted to see Young Bucks vs Brian Cage and Uhaa Nation but it looks like Uhaa's NXT deal came through. At least I can always count on the booking there to be reliable when it comes to a fun wrestling show. They're premiering a few CZW guys who I'm not familiar with so that should be interesting. A lot of great singles matches are set but I always come to PWG for the awesome tag team wrestling so having two tag matches, both with newish guys makes me anxious to say the least. No one's doing tag teams as well as that promotion other than Chikara maybe.

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Brass Ring Club is reeeeeeal! I wonder what Chris Hero thought about the giant swing/ drop kick combo spot that Cesaro did with Tyson Kidd. Clearly an homage to the Kings of Wrestling.

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So is Jared Rea the unofficial Wizard Champion for very specifically predicting Kofi's crowdsurfing spot?

Nah fuck that shit because I predicted the same thing in a room full of people who will corroborate. Only proof I have is agreeing with Jared in the comments of the Powerbombcast before the Rumble started. I would have posted it here days in advance if we were doing Krazy predictions instead of this LoC nonsense.

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Anyone who cares about Daniel Bryan's long term health should not want him anywhere near Brock Lesnar. Look at what the guy did to Rollins on multiple German suplexes last night. I could easily see Bryan landing on his neck.

Yeah I'm kind of with you there. And I wasn't necessarily rooting for Daniel Bryan either but I do think he was one of the more believable prospects for a winner who got short shrift. Seth landed on his side a few times which is one reason why I probably didn't like the title match as much as other people. Rollins is too good to be subjecting to bumps like that and Brock Lesnar is a legit dangerous performer to book with one of your actual best full time wrestlers on the active roster.

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I'm trying to squeeze any sort of positivity out of that Rumble match. I think the only thing I enjoyed was hearing pops for the REAL fan favorites in the roster: D-Bry (obviously), Ziggler, Ambrose, Mizdow, Cesaro (fuck yes). And I'm consistently entertained by Miz's ability to draw heat. When I think about who Miz has tagged with in previous years I realize he's the master of getting dudes he's partners with way over even though they typically get stamped out immediately. Just look at R-Truth and John Morrison. JR has said this but the Miz could be the next great manager when you think about how integral he has been to making Sandow a star.

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I feel like I was talking about nepotism not too long ago in this very thread. Now I look at the way they positioned two 3rd generation guys like Wyatt and Reigns in the Rumble and the way The Rock came out by the end and I can't not see it. It is a family business after all and that WWE would feel the need to grandfather these new guys in the main event scene just because of who they're related to feels super sleazy.

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As a fan of Giant Bomb, I can't escape wrestling. So can anyone explain to me what's causing all the turmoil right now?

You shouldn't be asking us in the thread. We're just a bunch of internet fans who don't matter. You should be asking the thousands of fans who attended the Royal Rumble live and booed the last match mercilessly.

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I watched the Royal Rumble with a number of guys and suffice to say nobody came away happy. That whole Rumble match was booked like trash. There's a long stretch in the end where the ring is mostly full of big muscle guys. I don't fault Roman Reigns but it doesn't change the fact that the crowd wasn't satisfied. That's just what happened, you can't just sit back and say "what's the big deal with Reigns winning" when you get a crowd to turn on the match the way it did. All that ire should be directed at the promoters who can't book a decent wrestling show to save their lives. I totally called the Kofi spot, not on the thread but in real life. It should speak to the overall lack of quality when your legends are the ones who got the best spots in the match namely Bubba Ray and DDP. I expected to be disappointed but not anywhere near this level. It was worse than bad it was boring.

The title match was decent but also who cares? It doesn't change the fact that I don't give a fuck about any belts in that company anymore. Brock Lesnar sucks and Cena kind of sucks too. As much as I enjoy Seth Rollins he's too young and small to get any sort of push for a title run without some sort of massive swerve. I give this show a BOOOOO! out of 10. I'd take Aztec Warfare any day of the week.

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Only prediction worth making is this. The Miz eliminates someone and then gets eliminated by Mizdow the same way.

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@papercut: There was an episode of Impact where MVP suggested that Bobby Lashley was built by Cyberdyne Systems. I call promo infringement, even if there's no such thing.

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I'm not interested who wins the rumble but the only ones that make sense within the current continuity (or lack there of) are Ziggler, Rusev, Daniel Bryan, or Roman Reigns. They've done such horrible job giving momentum to any other character that anyone but one of those four winning would be an absolute shock to me. I'm not a big fan of any of these guys to be honest even though I fully recognize their talent. Everyone I WANT to win don't factor into it so why bother?