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I don't know what to think of TNA anymore. The wrestling is mostly fine excluding the Knockouts division. The writing and booking side of it feels like some kind of bizarro world version of WWE where gimmicks and angles are working better than they should but it still somehow manages to come across as the worst television imaginable. My biggest issue is that I don't really like any of these characters or personalities on the roster. Eric Young seems alright. I sort of like the Bro Mens because they're so horrible. And I never thought I'd see the day where Bobby Lashley has somehow become a more legit pro wrestling Heavyweight champion than Brock Lesnar. The very notion is laughable but the reality is frightening.

Early post Night of Champion prediction. The next night on Raw Gold and Stardust cut a promo that's super goofy and reveal they've turned the tag titles gold to make the cosmic key complete. Ron Simmons shows up and "Damn!"s them so hard that reality shatters. The Dust Bros now have a spin off TV show about them traveling through time and space for some reason. There's some network exclusive content for ya.

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Also, Stardust Crusaders' real protagonist is Polnareff. He had the most screentime, fought the most with other Stand users and has an actual character arc.

I must admit that he has probably been in a lot more entertaining fights and had more comedic moments than the rest of the cast. I think the only problem about the character is how his actual ability isn't all that interesting compared to everyone else. It's just a slightly slower, less destructive version of Jotaro's power and it kind of sucks that he has to play second string to such a lame main character.

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I think I got Time Commando when it was BRAND NEW. So probably $50 down the tube on a shit game. I think I got the Time Crisis with a Guncom bundled with it. I guess that's not too bad since I could play Point Blank with it later on but I remember that peripheral working like trash and the game not being great. If only it had the weird kicking barrel that the arcade light guns had. Finally I bought the first generation of Rock Band which in retrospect was not nearly as good as the later iterations of the software and hardware for that product. It was still an enjoyable experience at the time but the investment wasn't nearly as airtight as something like Rock Band 3. That third game was so good.

I feel like I've had a mostly decent run with video game purchases. I was satisfied with all my home systems and handhelds and most of the bad games I've played were from rentals.

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It's such a bummer that JoJo's going on hiatus because goddamn that show is amazing. I love how they do the intro with actual sound effects for every season finale and they end this portion with an awesome cliffhanger. I say this again and again but the real stars are all the bizarre villains sprinkled throughout the adventure. A lot of them feel like homages to horror movies in the best possible way. The protagonists are good too (Joseph is fantastic) but they are very much relics of that 90's trend of comic characters with bad-ittude. It hasn't done anything to change my mind on Jotaro being my least favorite JoJo. It should speak to the overall quality of the series' main characters that he's still fairly badass. It just gets crazier from here.

I finished No Game No Life a couple weeks back. I didn't much care for it. I think the writing can be pretty smart and the references to video games are interesting. I just don't like the character designs at all. That's more of a personal preference thing but it still affected my enjoyment. I also have a problem with the idea of depicting NEETs as anything but useless scumbags. Glorifying that sort of subculture is appalling to a working Joe like myself.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is back and still great. I love how that show isn't afraid to just come up with a really dumb excuse to make cool ass action scenes. I especially like how they even manage to sneak in some call backs to the old cartoon and merchandise that I grew up with. Hands down one of my favorite ongoing American cartoons at the moment.

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American fans love to do chants. The fact of the matter is that you can't make an awesome chant with a six syllable name like Hideo Itami. Fans will either chant "Hi-De-O" or "I-Ta-Mi" over and over again. How are they suppose to know which name is more meaningful or even the fact that both names are equally important to him? I guess you could chant one after the other if enough marks are coordinated enough to pull it off.

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@hunterzolomon: That was in Reseda? Bah! I might have actually attended had I known.

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@yesiamaduck: It was a modified Inverted Russian Leg Sweep. Awfully similar to another Rotunda but it might just be wishful thinking. His face is what makes me suspicious more than anything.

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NXT Takeover was too sweet. I'm not saying anything that people don't already know. Say what you will about Triple H but he has my back when it comes to good wrestling shows. I will say when they first showed Baron Corbin's face I sort of cocked my head quizzically and thought "...Is that another Rotunda child?" The conspicuous finish makes me think that might be the case.

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I saw One Piece 3D2Y. It was okay. The action is decent but it also reinforces a lot of the problems I'm having with the action in the actual show. The abilities are redundant as hell and the more they try to establish limits for Haki the more it feels like they're jumping the shark in a DBZ sort of way. I tend to not enjoy the unique characters they make for the movies, specials, and filler episodes As someone who only follows the cartoon the ending reveal wasn't that big a deal. It's something that has been sort of implied once or twice so it was just a matter of when that would come into play.

As for the ongoing anime of One Piece I think it's getting pretty good again. Oda has real talent when it comes to crafting and depicting horrible tragedies. He's especially good at building up a villain who you want to see get beaten.

I also saw that OVA for TerraForMars. Sort of has an Attack on Titan vibe so that makes think I won't like it. At least the humans in this aren't half-assing it with a bunch of steam punk horse crap. I might give the show a shot once it starts proper.

Haikyuu is still good even though I think the music is bad.

JoJo is still fantastic, always and forever.

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I thought Raw sucked this week. The NXT match was great, the Miz/Ziggler promo was pretty funny, and the Heyman/ Cena promo was kind of okay. Most of it I thought was just so boring. A lot of repeat matches, lame finishes, and very few exciting spots (Jericho shrugging on the top of the cage was awesome and that's about it). It feels like multiple story lines are just not working with me.

@spiritof said:
  • In the "if I were running the show" department, I think WWE might have stumbled into a decent gimmick for Cesaro. They should paint Cesaro as a sort of Western European heel in the vain of a smarmy James Bond super villain. Have him come out in tailored suits, have him fly in private jets, and arrive in limousines. Give him a valet or just blow the dust off Steven Regal and have him manage Cesaro, and I think you've got the spark he needs.

Yeah I've been thinking that he's been going in this direction for a while now. Making him a legit international superstar would work marvelously for him and he's got the in ring skills to back up just about any gimmick. Also if anyone could make a unification of US and Intercontinental work it's Cesaro. They can use that sort of worldwide symbolism of those combined belts to organically shill network subs internationally. Then down the road you can have him shrug his shoulders and say "I think I'll take the Heavyweight title as well." Unfortunately I don't think the WWE writing is good enough to get him where he needs to be.