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Man two Botchamania episodes at once. It's the best wrestling related present I could hope for. Nice to see they included the clip of Brian Cage almost Hayabusa-ing himself to death at PWG. I saw that shit live and it was scary as fuck.

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Weirdly enough Christmas Day was the only time I could find to finalize my list. It wasn't easy to put together but it's done. I like to get my end of the year list finished before the lists from the GB crew drop so that I'm not influenced by their ridiculousness. This was a kind of low year for video games in my life to be honest. My pile of shame for this year seems like it would've been my actual list if I had gotten my shit together. Happy holidays everybody, also shalom.

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Of the games I've played this year I'd say Lords of Shadow 2 is my personal disappointment. I mean considering the first game was so fundamentally bad from a design perspective I figured they'd at least take a look at all those flaws and cull them from the final product. Instead they seemingly double down on the lame level design, nonsensical story, and utterly uninspired combat system. I'm just glad I only rented it because man, that game is bad.

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So this Aztec Warfare thing they're going to do for Lucha Underground. Is it basically a royal rumble or is it some kind of king of the hill style gauntlet match for the title belt?

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@hadoken101: Sounds amazing already. I'll just continue poking around the match cards between 2010-2011 and see what else catches my eye. Thanks.

@dazzhardy: Bah gawd! Those stairs had a family!

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So I recently got my brother into PWG and it wasn't hard after taking him to Black Cole Sun. I'm thinking of buying another grip of DVDs from the winter sale for him to watch. This is a long shot but does anyone here know what some of the best PWG shows featuring Claudio Castagnoli would be? My brother is a big Antonio Cesaro fan so I'm sure he'd love seeing some of those matches.

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@mezmero: There's no point, they already did it.

"They"? You don't mean..the La-li-lu-le-lo? That funeral segment was just fucking abysmal but I don't know man, did you see James Storm's whole Revolution thing? He converts people into following him by tying them to a post in a barn and then giving them blue clothes...

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I like to think that Impact Wrestling is like if the attitude era never ended but the budget went to shit. I didn't have a very positive experience watching TNA this year but I think the actual wrestling is kinda okay. I'm glad those guys on the roster are getting any kind of work because a lot of them have talent and these are lean fucking times for TV wrestling. And hell I never imagined I would ever think that Bobby Lashley would be a more entertaining heavyweight champ than Brock Lesnar this year though that's not hard when you actually show up for TV tapings. Mike Tenay is still the best play-by-play guy on TV even though he's getting bogged down by shilling idiotic merch and doing color opposite Taz. We should totally consider talking about a "worst of TNA" at some point before Botchamania beats us to it.

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Already voted on the anime of the year thread but I thought that I would just list out my top five ameritoons or whatever the hell we want to call 'em of 2014.

1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Hands down the best comic book cartoon currently airing though admittedly these are dark times for animated series sourced from comic books. Regardless the action, humor, and suspense are top notch and it helps that the cg animation is consistently amazing.

2. Rick and Morty - At times it seems like it's trying a bit hard to be funny but I'll be damned it isn't entertaining as hell. Probably some of my favorite dumb sci-fi stuff I've seen this year. I'd really like to know how Rick is even alive. Nano-machines probably.

3. Bob's Burgers - Still an amazing show. I'd say it's far more appealing for its mundane charm in a time when all the other animated family sitcoms are just so unbearably over the top. I'm glad that this show still exists.

4. Teen Titans GO! - I can't get through an episode without smiling, I just can't do it. I know people miss the serious take on Teen Titans but it's just so laughably silly plus it's something I can watch with my niece that we can both enjoy. New 52 DC is so dour and bleak so I really like the sort of Tiny Titans vibe I get out of this cartoon.

5. Mike Tyson Mysteries - It's early in it's run but I don't know man, it's pretty incredible. Casting Mike Tyson is such a natural fit... you know, to voice himself. Does any mystery ever truly get solved? The question that drives us anime fans...

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My mom is a teacher and she is really at her wits end, not just with the students but with the bureaucracy of the public school system. Suffice to say she's been thinking about other career paths for a while. I feel bad for both the teachers and students quite honestly because I don't think either side is getting enough of what they need.