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That Long...For This? 0

After what can generously be described as a "troubled development", Silicon Knights epic Too Human finally got launched. This game has apparently cost Dennis Dyack his, you know, sanity and all --- so was his sacrifice worth it?Well, in terms of just gameplay, yeah. It's an easy-to-pick up and challenging as heck Diablo-style dungeon loot hack-and-slash affair. There is a wealth of customization options. The right stick offense works pretty well. There are the occasional issues with targe...

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Better Than It Has Any Right To Be 0

After an exceptionally long dose of hype, Bayonetta is finally unleashed on the gaming world and one of the more intense character action games is let loose. A game that is proudly an opus to style and flash, Bayonetta takes the gameplay model of Devil May Cry and makes it significantly more fun and enjoyable and provides a much more enjoyable main character to manipulate.  To describe the story is to give it more meaning than the writers did. It is an absurd story with almost no semblance to ac...

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A Very Shallow Experience 0

TNA has long been trying to compete with TNA, basically signing anybody who leaves the WWE, either willingly (Christian) or due to the WWE basically releasing them/burying them (Booker T) or the WWE basically telling them to leave or accept drug counseling (Angle). The matches can be high-octane affairs, but with a tendency to have a very "Seen it before" vibe if you watch more than a few weeks. The writing is amongst the dumbest on the planet, making the gibberish the WWE churns out seem like S...

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Truly Terrible Game 0

Even the early stealth games weren't as tedious as this affair is. While the main character looks nice and I do like the environments, the AI of the enemies is baffling and the game is just another in a long line of the usual "trial and error" gameplay, which is a sign of very broken design. No game should be IMPOSSIBLE to beat on your first playthrough. It should be difficult to do so, but not impossible and this game is impossible.Taking the role of a British spy who, legitimately, did nothing...

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