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Yes I am more awesome than you. Its ok, I know its hard to come to grips with but its just the way things are. That guy who cut you off at the last corner in Forza to take the win away from you? Yeah thats me. That handsome mother fucker who got the killcam knife kill on you on Terminal? Me. That one pit in Super Mario Brothers you just can't seem to jump over? You guessed it, this guy right here. I am everything you wish you were but can't be. I'm so pro at gaming being called a pro is an insult to me. I don't change games in my consoles, I just buy a new console for the game. That's how much of a baller I am. Oh you just got finished that game on hard? *PFFF* Cmon junior, I had that game beat before it came out. When i stick a game in my 360 it just unlocks the achievements automatically because lets face it, why waste my time. Deal with it.