Posted by mixedupzombies

  I got an interview with Greg Kasavin, Creative Director at Super Giant Games the guys and gals behind Bastion.

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Please tell me if putting stuff like this on the site is okay I don't want to break the rules by site whoring.
Posted by Binman88

Good stuff. Decent mix of personal and business questions, and a lot of neat information learned from this interview. 
One thing I'd suggest is to make sure you write down all of your questions before the interview and be more succinct when asking a spontaneous question - ie. know the question you're going to ask before you ask it. For example, at 12:40, you could have phrased your question like this: "Has working on the development side of the industry changed how you would look at games from an editorial standpoint?" or something to that effect. Same with the question about the difference between big and small studios. The question could have been asked in fewer words, more to the point.