Final Fantasy XIII

After completing FFXIII i am reminded why its a good thing that there is only a main story Final Fantasy game every several years. It was a great game, but if i had to play this type any more of its type with recurring regularity i would most definitely get burned out. Overall i wouldn't place it on top of the series, a position that i think will always be dominated by X for me. Its story was good, with a well developed and explained world along with some of the better characters in a Final Fantasy story. Its gameplay was good, although it took a long time for it to develop into anything significant. Its leveling system was only so-so, and i think it fell apart at the end of the game where i found my characters maxed out before i even started tackling the 64 missions available. 
I'm glad its finally over though, with 80 hours invested i don't think i will ever have any desire to play it over again. At least i actually finished it and explored to full end game, unlike XII where i put it down somewhere in the middle of the final dungeon. Still, i will keep hoping that they will make something that can compare with X, a game that i have revisited 3 times, and will probably do so many more.