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@fobwashed: Hi there!

I see some other folks were able to try to buy this. I would gladly buy it as well, if at all possible. Dan Ryckert is my spirit animal.

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@beachthunder: I wasn't able to get an effect just like Krampus's Head, but with the item that puts an eye on the back of your head that also shoots tears, I was able to get it coming from the front and back.

Disclaimer: If you combine this combination with Anti-Gravity tears, it gets weird.

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I'm a long-time Monster Hunter fan, and I went out and grabbed a TV and Wii U just to get on some MH3U action. I'd love to play with anyone who isn't a terrible person, regardless of skill level.

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In my opinion, Monster Hunter Tri is above and beyond the best game on the platform.

Edit: Just be aware, a large portion of this game is multiplayer, and the servers are finally going offline on April 30th.

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I really don't understand why people are so put off by this video of the wrestling match. This is not a turn away from the series they have loved for years, it's always been dumb.

I mean, it's a series about a clone who puts mines in buckets of chicken and covers children's underwear in ether. It was always pretty dumb, in a good way.

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@Adamsons: The issue is that they are limited. They only allow them to transfer to the sender's server and faction and, while I would be friendly with them, there is a very slim chance they would be interested in anything to do with our Guild on Horde Mug'thol.

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@MariachiMacabre said:

Oh this could ruin the endgame community even more than it already is. I'm not an elitist but at least when you play your class from 1-80 you, usually, know how to play it.

I'd disagree. If LFR has taught me anything, being 85 doesn't mean a single thing. The game is full of knuckle-dragging neanderthals. Yesterday we had a Paladin queue up as Heals and proceeded to pull every boss and complain when he died.

People are terrible at this game all over, this just means I have a wider berth of idiots to wade through.

That said, WoW is an easy game, I don;t understand how folks can be so bad at it.

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@CL60: Not that there are many 85's who know how to play their class, anyway. You can't make the general community any more incompetent than they already are.

@adoggz: Well, if you decide to, let me know! I would dig a new mount.

@Veiasma: The same goes to you! I'd be happy to spread my Scrolls to anyone willing to take them.

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If you used to play, but perhaps dropped off before Cataclysm came out, this is a pretty alright deal (if you're interested in playing again, of course!).

You get a free copy of the Expansion, a level 80 character with Blues (so you can hop right into the Cataclysm content), a week of play time, and I get a sweet mount if you use my Scroll of Resurrection to do it.

Feel free to use this thread to coordinate with others, too, if folks are interested.

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Another Saitek X-52 user here. I also picked it up for IL-2. It's pretty rad, and worth the $80 USD I paid for it.