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I think a lot of folks here are missing the actually interesting part of these games - the hidden narrative.

Though, I sort of felt like the third game's stuff got a little silly and pretty much wrapped the entire mystery up, so I'm reticent on a whole other level than most of the folks in here seem to be.

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@nophilip: Which is the software I should be using these days? Last I checked, there seemed to be two competing solutions.

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Regarding the insect glaive: General consensus is to just max speed until GRank, and then there is a very specific, optimal feeding guide you can go grab.

The Kinsect stuff was an interesting concept of customizing your weapon, but if you leave it up to Monster Hunter folk, they'll min-max you with the best of 'em.

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@fobwashed: Hi there!

I see some other folks were able to try to buy this. I would gladly buy it as well, if at all possible. Dan Ryckert is my spirit animal.

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@beachthunder: I wasn't able to get an effect just like Krampus's Head, but with the item that puts an eye on the back of your head that also shoots tears, I was able to get it coming from the front and back.

Disclaimer: If you combine this combination with Anti-Gravity tears, it gets weird.

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I'm a long-time Monster Hunter fan, and I went out and grabbed a TV and Wii U just to get on some MH3U action. I'd love to play with anyone who isn't a terrible person, regardless of skill level.

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In my opinion, Monster Hunter Tri is above and beyond the best game on the platform.

Edit: Just be aware, a large portion of this game is multiplayer, and the servers are finally going offline on April 30th.

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I really don't understand why people are so put off by this video of the wrestling match. This is not a turn away from the series they have loved for years, it's always been dumb.

I mean, it's a series about a clone who puts mines in buckets of chicken and covers children's underwear in ether. It was always pretty dumb, in a good way.

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@Adamsons: The issue is that they are limited. They only allow them to transfer to the sender's server and faction and, while I would be friendly with them, there is a very slim chance they would be interested in anything to do with our Guild on Horde Mug'thol.

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@MariachiMacabre said:

Oh this could ruin the endgame community even more than it already is. I'm not an elitist but at least when you play your class from 1-80 you, usually, know how to play it.

I'd disagree. If LFR has taught me anything, being 85 doesn't mean a single thing. The game is full of knuckle-dragging neanderthals. Yesterday we had a Paladin queue up as Heals and proceeded to pull every boss and complain when he died.

People are terrible at this game all over, this just means I have a wider berth of idiots to wade through.

That said, WoW is an easy game, I don;t understand how folks can be so bad at it.