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Whoa, 11 pages in the blink of an eye. Is it weird that I give no cares?

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pc master race

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@misterz said:

@moab: nice rig! how do you like the asus rog swift? I am shopping for monitors right now and am in between this and the new acer xb280hk (4K G-sync monitor).

ULMB is insane and the response time is great. I only took a slight hit in FPS upgrading to 1440p. 120/144hz was more important to me than 4K. I am very satisfied!

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That was pretty brutal. I doubt I will play it, but I appreciate the "fuck you" of it all.

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No, thank you, please.

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@ntm: I appreciate the reply. Downloading now! :D

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@steadying: Thanks, that actually doesn't sound so bad.

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I'm thinking about getting this. I wanna bump the difficulty to max and get rekt; I have not had a game beat me up in a long time. Combat is pretty much nonexistent or not recommended, right?

Mouse smoothing, cannot be disabled in options(alternate opinion: mouse actually seems to have two independent mouse speeds unrelated to acceleration with a speed threshold, similar to a joystick dead zone.)

I just read that at pcgamingwiki and I am a little hesitant to buy. I really dislike mouse acceleration and smoothing. How do the controls feel?

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Do I want to be immortal or turn into a dog a few times a month? Hmm..