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^ Isn't the most expensive bike only $15,000?

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I only had like $30,000 and the cheapest garage yesterday, but today...

I might have stumbled upon a glitch that gets you money stupid quick. :3

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Not much scares me, but I wouldn't want to be surrounded by sharks in the middle of the ocean. I'd imagine having a bunch of people yelling in Arabic as you're about to get your head removed with a dull blade is pretty bad too. It's all about not having control.

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@golguin said:

I'm a bit sad about the lack of Attack on Titan talk. Episode 24 was full of hype and it delivered.

All I can remember is Mikasa not getting smashed!

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Shooting things with a controller after getting used to a mouse isn't something I care to do. I do wanna play it, but I'll wait.

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Yes, I do. It's weird, but I enjoy my company. :3

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I just watched the previews for the next episode of Attack on Titan and thought Annie looked really similar to a certain large female... Am I crazy?

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@squirrelgod said:

The thing that bugs me about it, isn't the actual threats. The least intimidating thing in the world to me is a dude getting so pissed off at his TV screen that he sends me a poorly worded message. No, what bugs me is that there are people that think that that behavior is in any way acceptable. I can't stand the idiots that go "Well, it's just the internet. It's not a big deal." No. Fuck you. You're part of the problem. People need to learn that being a piece of shit, regardless of the context or the delivery mechanism for being said piece of shit, is not okay. Learn to act like an adult, or at the very least, a child with decent social abilities.

Please enlighten us plebs on how you handle it, sir.