Is Namco listening to the Bombcast?

During the 12-08-2009 episode of the Bombcast, around 29:45, Jeff is talking about the multiplayer in Zelda Spirit Tracks. Jeff says it is like Pac-man but it has bombs and Ryan says "But, wouldn't it [Pac-man] be better [with bombs]?"
Was Namco listening then shit themselves over this idea?
Can Ryan see the future?
Will there be a lawsuit?


Anyone still playing Borderlands on the 360?

Just looking for some people who want have fun playing some Borderlands for the 360. I am a level 57 soldier but I really don't care if I play with other high level players or low level players. It's all fun in Borderlands (kind of sounds like some weird dating profile).
If anyone is interested send me a friend request, gamer tag: MPDebo