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Posted by TooWalrus

Good stuff- laughed louder than... I probably should have.

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@mrbrooks said:

I love all the "best of bombcast" videos on Youtube, so I decided to do my own for a project in video editing class. Thousands of dollars in editing equipment being put to great use!

I'm glad your schooling is being put to such great use.

Posted by DarkShaper

I lost it at the "definitely a podcast for kids"

Posted by Forcen

Where did you get that Brad art?

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@forcen said:

Where did you get that Brad art?

From here.

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Posted by Video_Game_King

This is more sarcastic when you realize the footage is in reverse.

Posted by Oscar__Explosion

Needs more end explosions.

Posted by Demoskinos

Awesome but also "Single" is spelled wrong in one of the speech bubbles. >_>