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@DancingJesus said:

" I posted this on Jeff's wall, but I'd like to share my thoughts with the community:   Hmm... Jeff. I'm not sure what went wrong with that Halo Reach preview, but I do have one feeling I'd like to share with you. Bungie as a developer has spent over three years creating a piece of art/entertainment and the least you could do is show the same amount of respect to your own craft and the hard work people labored over. Not only that, there are many people on this site who are interested in this material, and your utter disregard or ambivalence to something you are not directly interested in seems disrespectful to your viewers. Your article comes off highly unprofessional and very crass as a result. I am a huge fan of GiantBomb and I visit the site nearly five times a day, but this post was rather disappointing. Maybe it was a fluke who knows. Hopefully, you can read this and see where I’m coming from rather than dismissing as some crazy Halo fan.     "

  Couldn't agree more.   I appreciate Jeff's honesty, and don't really have a problem with the no notebook thing.  People were probably expecting something regarding the event, so I also understand why they would want to post SOMETHING.  But the way that this is written completely comes off as Jeff being an ass, and is borderline insulting to the people actually interested in Giantbomb's take on the game (as I was, since I know none of the guys are huge Halo fans).  Really disappointing.  Actually genuinely makes me second-guess getting a WM membership next month.
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I really hope they post the steam later; I was planning on actually playing Halo 2 and don't want to have to choose :(

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IIRC you need to switch Hope to Synergist to get some buffs on you right away, should mitigate a good chunk of the damage you're taking.

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Cautiously optimistic here; I LOVE Borderlands, it was my GOTY.  However while Dr. Ned was good (but not great), Mad Moxxi was really, really disappointing for all of my friends, and pretty much turned all of us off of the game.  Definitely will be looking at impressions of this first, but hopefully it's a step back in the right direction.