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Well, FWIW, I finally got the promotion to work yesterday (Sunday).

Not super surprisingly it did get far enough in to the process on the website to where it would have shown me the download code, but the page either timed out or errored out before that could happen. However, an email showed up maybe 15-20 minutes later and that had the code in it, which redeemed just fine last night.

So, I guess patience/perseverance are key!


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Thanks duders.

@jjor64 said:

Club Nintendo is telling me that I have already redeemed it, even though I haven't. Now I get to wait for Customer Support to fix it for me and give me my code.

This sounds like the situation I'm in, though I was hoping to just wait it out and see if I get an email tomorrow or Monday before involving Customer Support. :-|

Definitely sounds like launch day woes, and seems to be hit or miss !

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I'm up for trying this out as well! I'll add everyone on this thread so far.

My NNID: mrhaydel

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Has anyone gotten the free downloadable game promotion to work yet?

Club Nintendo's website appears to be under heavy load/having issues since Friday, so I've gotten as far as logging in, it recognizing I purchased MK8, and asking which game I want to choose. After that, it appears as if it's going to send an email with a code to download the title I chose, but the email hasn't shown up yet (not in spam either). The same page where it asked for my email address now just says 'Your reward has already been redeemed'.

I'm just wondering whether anyone else has had any better success or gotten further along in the process - assuming that my understanding of how it's meant to work is even correct! I imagine it could just be slow moving because of the MK8 launch, but who knows...

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I fully recognize that the game has only been officially out on the PC for what, 30 minutes, but since I've put 40-50 hours into the PS3 version and haven't finished my first playthrough, I found myself wondering: does anyone have any semblance of an idea of whether someone will devise a way to convert console saves over to the PC?

The only time I've even ever dealt with that was moving from the PS3 version of Skyrim over to the PC - which, surprisingly enough there was a way to get that to work, which I was grateful for.

So while it's not without total precedence (not sure how common it is to do this with other multi-platform franchises), I just thought I'd toss the question out there and see if anyone else had given it any thought, or knew of something I didn't. A shot in the dark, I know, but hey, never hurts to ask!

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Hello fellow Spelunking duders and dudettes!

My PSN id is mrhaydel82

I'll go through and try to add as many people as I can as well.

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I just completed both of the tutorial speedlists for Cop and Racer, and when it returned me to the screen where you choose between being a Cop and a Racer, and I selected Racer, it immediately started an install process (after, mind you, the one it did before the game even launched).

Which, in of itself wouldn't be terrible (though I kind of thought it might have done all the installing it needed up front), but, it started at 33% and seems to be just crawling. It's been a good 20-30 minutes, and it's only gotten to 44%. I wouldn't be surprised if this takes 2 hours or more at the rate its going.

Did everyone/anyone else run into this same thing, or did I somehow trigger an install that could have been done earlier, or something?

EDIT: FWIW, this is a digital copy of the game (not disc).

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Gamertag: mrhaydel82

Region: US - CST

Launch Games: Forza 5

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PSN ID: mrhaydel82

Time Zone: Central

Games at launch: AC4, NFS Rivals, free PS+ stuff

I'll accept any/all friend requests!

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I'm mrhaydel. Here's my profile.

I'll go through this list and add everyone. Yay for fellow GBers on Steam!

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