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Nasty, Brutish, and Short. 0

A juxtaposition of contemporary aesthetic and medieval thought, KL2 is the most memorable game I've ever played, and is definitely one of the most well-realized games of this generation.Years after the conclusion of the first Kane and Lynch, James Lynch has settled in Shanghai and is working as low-level muscle in a gang of western expatriates. When the opportunity to make money and move up in the hierarchy arises, Lynch gets in touch with the estranged Adam Kane, who has the requisite skills an...

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A waste. 0

Hatched from hardboiled detective stories and plopped into 1940's Los Angeles, LA Noire presents us with the life of opportunistic coward Cole Phelps as he effortlessly glides through the quagmire that is office politics. Also, sometimes we wander around and wait for the controller to vibrate. All the pieces are here for another Rockstar hit: paradigm-shifting graphics, mature story, open world. It adds some light detective work (pixel hunting) and an occasional gun battle, but this "game" misse...

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Mr. Toilken's Wild Ride 0

Snowblind, renowned for its action-RPG Champions of Norrath, takes license with another well-known fantasy intellectual property in War In The North. You control one of three forgettably-named characters - an elf wizard, dwarf warrior, or human ranger. Definitely more action than RPG, this game is a fun but ultimately forgettable afterthought to the LotR lore that expands on absolutely nothing.Players start in some nameless battle in a hobbit shire, where the main antagonist Agundaur is searchin...

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Man, I love holding down R1. 0

It's short, nonsensical, and repetitive. I can't wait to play it again.Insects and robots have, for some reason never explained, teamed up to attack Earth. Good thing you bought Earth Defense Force and not Grocery Store Employee or this game would be even shorter. 3 chapters, 5 missions apiece, 10-20 minutes per mission. Hold down R1. Watch for ticks.The game looks like an HD upgrade of a PSP port. Buildings tumble into jagged-edged pieces as they fall. Poorly-animated ants stomp around and then...

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Embarrassing. 0

I wanted to love Hunted, I really did. It's right up my alley. Swords, demons, inappropriate female armor, Lucy Lawless - hell, I preordered it and took a day off from work. The back of the box said "co-op perfected." Oh man.So you're Caddoc or E'lara, demons are invading, and it's time to A) kill them and B) earn some bucks. The two mercenaries have an easy, slightly competitive friendship that is, frankly, a lot of fun to watch. Caddoc, the bald human mercenary, is a careful tactician in chara...

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Not nearly as bad as they'd lead you to believe 0

Even with a poor demo, on a lark I picked up this game. Intriguing subject matter and getting to use a mace always entice me, so I figured that for $20 new, it was worth a look. I'm glad I did. It could definitely use polish, but nobody's perfect, right?The two main characters, Denz and Esteban, are Cursed - the embodiment of Death is after them and will steal their souls. This is not a "might" or a "tap X to save soul power" thing, either. Death is going to win. You'll run into others who are C...

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Two reviews for the price of one! 0

Koei games require two reviews - one for fans of Koei games, and one for everyone else.For Koei enthusiasts - 60something characters! Hundreds of weapons! POINTS STAGES KEEP HITTING SQUARE AND YOU'LL WIN FOREVER!! Seriously though, 4 storylines and a free-play mode across the entirety of Eastern China? What's not to love! Buy weapons, kill cannon fodder, and upgrade weapons for the next 8 months. Cao Cao has a new outfit, only $4.99 on PSN (200 MSP)!For everyone else -There is something very cat...

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Skyrimmin'? 2

"Why are you killing that lady?""Because I can."So begins Skyrim, the game where you can do anything, be anyone, and rule the world... except that you can't.Vast, open, and begging to be explored, Skyrim is at once both huge and confining. The country, with its nine city-states and hundreds of areas to explore, has 10 different enemies and 3 different combat encounters. Although you can walk the coast and avoid combat, you'll most likely be ineffectually hacking and burning wolves and trolls unt...

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