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Thanks for the feedback guys. 
For those still interested, there is also a pretty good blog ( that makes similar profiles for different games. A very cool post on Dead Space 2 just came out, that gets into the advanced features and also takes advantage of the very cool DS2 art. 
There is also a giveaway on their Facebook page,, if anyone wants a pair but doesn't want to part with the cash. Good luck!

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@Yanngc33: To paraphrase George Costanza, "It's al buttons! What's the difference?" 
I don't know about other footpedals, but Fragpedal buttons imitate the same type of key press that your keyboard or mouse sends -- but with extra features. If I bind a pedal key to left click, it will fire for me just like my mouse, firing repeatedly until the button is released. However if you wanted to make firing semi-automatic like in your scenario, you could configure a Fragpedal button to 'click' only when the key is first pressed, then do nothing while you hold it. Not sure if that would be useful to anyone, however. there's cooler things to do with advanced macros
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My DiRT 3 Fragpedal configuration skinned w/ BUE's wallpaper 
@BUE I hope you don't mind -- I wanted to see what your wallpapers would look like w/ my set-up, and it's great! For reasons of readability and the button overlays, I think this one definitely looks better than the others for this purpose. Sometimes it's good to have an image that's less abstract and has more concrete references, especially when parts of it are obscured. Is your design work limited to Dirt 3? Do you have similar wallpapers for other games? 
My footpedal configuration with slightly less awesome background skins:
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@Franstone Thanks! I'm glad to hear that it's shocking.  
: Actually I use the Fragpedal more for FPS than anything. In pretty much any game I play, there's always controls that aren't very convenient to hit on the keyboard, so I map them onto the pedals. Obviously in racing games it's extra fun to put gas and brake on your feet (plus the Fragpedal, I think, at $79, is much cheaper than most driving pedals), but it's useful in other games as well. For The Witcher, for instance, I've mapped the combat actions (attack, dodge, change combat style, cast) to the Fragpedal. It's another fun configuration, since the combat system in Witcher is so timing-oriented. I could post some pics of those configs as well, if you're interested
I took the liberty of using one of BestUsernameEver's wallpapers as the background in the configuration screen. Comments? 
I'm still working to improve on my config for DiRT 3. Are there any other commands you guys might want to put on the footpedals? I'd be happy to try out any suggestions -- all input is appreciated.
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I don't know if anybody has these, but I set up a configuration for DiRT 3 on my Fragpedal and wanted to show it off. Basically the pedals are programmable to any keyboard key or macro, so I tried out a few configurations for DiRT 3 and took some screen shots of the set-up in the configuration software. 

Configuration: Basic 

I’ve found it most convenient to throw “up shift” and “down shift” to the buttons on the left foot, and “gas” and “brake” to the buttons on the right foot. Just like a manual transmission car, the left foot shifts gears and the right foot controls speed.

Configuration: Authentic Gear Shifting

To more closely imitate real shifting, I put an advanced macro on the left foot, so that while pressed would listen for particular keyboard presses, in preparation for another command. This simulates the clutch. Holding it down, it listens for ‘q’ and ‘e’. If ‘e’ is pressed with the clutch down, it upshifts (a); and if q is pressed, it downshifts (z).

Configuration: Camera Controls

In this configuration, I tap my foot left or right to look in those directions. To look back, I tap the button to the right of my right foot, and to the left to change camera angles. This is pretty helpful because I don't have to worry about messing with the camera controls on my keyboard when I'm trying to concentrate on staying on the terrain.

What do you guys think? I custom-mapped the images on the software because they were the best ones I could find. Best Username Ever's pics looks pretty sweet too though
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@BestUsernameEver: these are awesome. 
I like #3 the best since its abstract but still ties into the game. 
The geometric pattern in #4 is nice too, esp. with the blurred focus around the margin 
good job!