Continuing studies in Psycho Power.

Disclaimer: This is partly just to complete that Dear Diary quest, but also to serve as a checklist in my *hopefully* continuing progress with Bison, that crazy grinning fucker.


  • Get the BnB combos down...still having a really tough time with (x4) xx scissors, atm. The rest are getting fairly consistent.
  • Anticipate the juggle into ultra better. I still react with standing roundhouse whenever someone jumps in at me and waste ultra opportunities.
  • My offense is getting somewhat decent, and I'm getting comfortable with the spacing and hitboxes of Bison's moves. Desperately need better defense options though, aside from teleport. 
  • Get the timing down for Psycho Crusher crossup on opponent wakeup.
  • Further incorporate tick throws into my game. Especially important for Bison players, since we'd ideally be pressuring opponents into blocking a lot.
  • Learn matchups! I'm pretty clear on what to do against half of the vanilla cast, so there's quite a few opponents I'm still winging it against. Gotta fix that.