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    How did Destiny get top 10? That game is basically a tech demo with all the lack of content. It is the most disappointing game of the year, and possibly a contender for the worst game of the year.

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    I didn't know Dan wrote reviews.

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    @thamilkman said:Dan likes the Last of Us story but not The Walking Dead (TV/Games) story ...anyone help me understand?last of us, was amazing and possibly one of the best story telling in a video ga...

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    Post-Steve Jobs designs for Apple Hardware sure look awful. I can't believe they showed off that Samsung-esque watch design to the public. The Moto360 is something I would picture coming out of the ...

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    Please move gb to New York. I still hate that Patrick isn't on the bomb cast, but if vinny isn't on, then really who but, possibly Danny can be so charismatic to carry the cast through all those incre...