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Please anyone?  I guess it's probably a little tired but really is noone playing this crap anymore?

Thanks in advance!

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david bowie's china girl
tool's aenima
meshuggah's new millenium cyanide christ

theres a nice broad stroke for ya's!   ;-)


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I largely prefer the GH:WT setlist compared to RB2..

But I haven't bought the full band kit yet because of the bad press regarding the hardware issues.  Do you guys think the first wave of bad hardware is gone enough to spend $190 yet?  Can any of you attest to a recent purchase that had no issues?

Also one more question:

I have a Samsung DLP HDTV and Sony surround sound and intend to run HDMI from the 360 to the Sammy and Optical to my receiver to connect audio. 

Am I to expect horrible lag with the microphone in GH:WT when using this setup??  Connecting this way yields pretty nasty mic lag in RB1, and evidently this hasn't been fixed in RB2 (based on a quick forum search).


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meh spoonman..  og atv offroad fury = best soundtrack ever because of ultraspank...  

pure soundtrack is also meh but i picked it up and its really damn badass actually..  good fun

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Rowr said:
"I loaded it up recently, never played it much originally.

I played a few hours, accidentally died and lost everything. Swore alot, remembered why i stopped playing it originally and uninstalled it.

And dont tell me i suck just because i had the misfortune to die once. Thats shitty design, im not playing by those rules. Probably for the best anyway, this game borders on an mmo for timewastage.

The droughts more or less over for the year anyway."
erhm..    dont play hardcore..  if you check the "hardcore" box next to your char when you make it..  you cant die or you'll lose all your shiz

I play USEast softcore ladder and its badass.   Just got my smiter paladin thru Ubers for the first time.   Likely I will stop when D3 comes out.
But anyhoo..  if you guys find yourselves on USEast softcore ladder i might be able to spare some low level gear.  Hit me up @ *ne1gh7

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can i just be the first to start this badboy up?  since d3 announcement i am full-fledge-addicted to this crap again... 

*ne1gh7 on useast ladder = winz0r