Forza Motorsport 3 Multiplayer Disappointment

 The Forza franchise is near and dear to my heart. Having played a combined 500+ hours of Forza 1, 2, 3, I can say that Forza 3’s multiplayer has let me down. Don’t get me wrong the amount of customizable settings for the races is amazing. I guess what I really hate about it is the matchmaking for the multiplayer. In Forza 3, there are two types of multiplayer races public races and private races.               

Public races are set up for you and your friends to race against other people through pre-set Hoppers. The problems with public races are there are way too many hoppers that no one plays and the end race timers that are too short like in the drifting hopper there’s always someone just racing to the finish line and you only have 45 seconds to get to the finish.

Private races are set up for you to be able to set up your customized lobbies for you to race with your friends and/or CPU’s.  The problems with private races are that you can’t have people who are not on your friends list join and if you don’t have a lot of people playing Forza you won’t get the full enjoyment out of racing with only two or three people.

In Forza 2 there wasn’t any matchmaking, you were able to set up a custom racing lobby where anyone could search for that type of race and join. Whatever Turn 10 is doing next hopefully they go back to the way Forza 2’s multiplayer was.

Also, Turn 10, thank you for putting out monthly DLC but would it kill you to put achievements into the DLC Packs.