The Joys and Sorrows of PC gaming

A few months ago I first upgraded my PC for gaming. This is the first time I've had a gaming PC in over 12 years. Now I have to admit, I enjoyed the simplicity of my Xbox 360 and PS2, but it's nice to  be able to mess around with components, customizing things and all that. I feel like I'm learning a lot, and loving it. At the same time, however, I've had a lot of headaches. My PC won't start up all the time, and I'm finally going to send my power supply back this weekend to have it replaced.  Also, now my monitor has been freaking out and not getting a signal. It's my computer or video card or something - I think it might be the drivers. Overall, though, it's good to be back in the world of the PC.


A return to nerd-dom (Dragon Age and an upgraded PC)

I'm back my friends. After a several year hiatus from current gen PC gaming, I'm back. I recently purchased a new video card and power supply, cracked open my case and got it done. For the first time in over 10 years (I believe it was about the time Diablo and Quake 2 were spinning in my CD-Rom) I have a PC capable of running any game out there. First off, I'd like to thank the Giantbomb forum goers who advised me on how to get this done at a reasonable cost ($106 for the card, and $50 for the power supply). 
I was all set and resigned to get the inferior xbox 360 version of Dragon Age, but opted to upgrade and now am running it all on the highest settings - beautiful. 
As I sat at my PC late into the night on Friday and Saturday (slaying the vile darkspawn) I was reminded of my late middle school/early high school days doing the very same thing. Now at 28, I have indeed returned to nerd-dom. 
As for Dragon Age, I'm loving it and I can honestly say I have not spent this much time thinking about a game while not playing it in over 10 years. I was a little unsure whether the hardcore nature of it would hold my attention, but it definitely is. I'll admit, I switched it to easy for the first boss, but now I'm back on normal. I'll probably have to switch it back to easy here and there, but that's okay. Maybe on my second playthrough (probably not for several weeks yet) I'll be able to hack it on normal all the way through. We'll see.


Bioshock alone

My wife is at her parents' for the weekend and she took the dog. This means I'm alone in the home, sitting playing Bioshock in the dark. Needless to say I'm a little tense, and had to take a break. Just killed my first big daddy. The game is awesome, but I'm not exaggerating when I say I'm scared right now. Maybe I should take a break and play some skate for a few minutes :)

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