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It's fun, but at the sametime I'm not impress by it. It feels way too much like a reskin of BF4.

Yep. These are my thoughts. Captured some gameplay along with my thoughts in a video if anyone is interested. -

Probably pick it up if it gets cheap enough, but as its on origin that probably won't be for a couple years. Origin!

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Allow me to shamelessly promote my new channel - - and ask for some advice. What's a good way to capture footage of this game? FRAPS and MSI afterburner have worked well for me in most games, but as you'll see from this video it was pretty crappy in Titanfall. Anyone have any tips for recording gameplay?

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@ezekiel: My reason would be that I like to have the mic closer to my mouth. Currently I have a mic on my desk and I feel like if I'm using that with my headphones my friends can hear me clicking at my keyboard and mouse too well and it just picks up a lot more ambient noise. Is that what you mean?

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I'll just get depressed if I look . . . too big.

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Hey duders. Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations for gaming headsets in the $40 or less range. I recently posted a video review (here) of a few of my own, but as I explain in the video I need a new one! And while I wish I could spend 75-100, that's not a possibility. So anyone have great headsets they'd recommend?

Oh, and I'm not too concerned about being able to use it on consoles at this point. I'll cross that bridge if I come to it.

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@tom_omb: I do, but thanks! It means a lot that you'd take the time to do that :) I don't claim my logo is any good. I'm not an artist. Just like to doodle.

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The result!

Sound and video quality not great. I used Movie Maker. Might need to invest in Sony Vegas or something. Anyone have other good programs that wouldn't cost so much? (or free!)

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@somberowl: I like it, but it suggests that I'll only be doing tabletop and I'd like to make clear there will be video game stuff too.