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Why not just become a premium member, then you don't have those.

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I am still playing and having a lot of fun. Not at 100 hours yet but I can see it in my future for a bit. Only time will tell.

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I might also mention that I am a paid yearly subscriber, so it isn't that either. 

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I am also having issues, no other downloads going on.  No other programs or sites running.  All other sites working just fine, tested speed and internet working just fine. Anybody know whats up?

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You guys are awesome.  I wouldn't mind subscription model.  Hell I pay $25 for a magazine subscription per year and most of their content is shit compared to what you guys put up.  Love quicklooks.  Just thought I would chime in.  Thanks for a great site.

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I agree, I would love a Palm Pre app.  I love the content on this website, all the videos are great, but I want to access them on the go.  Please make a palm pre app.