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Katamari but in the palm of your hands. 0

 In the world of Sony's PSP there exist two types of games.  The first being PS2 ports of games, and the second being totally new and original titles.  Me & My Katamari fits between both of those categories being both a brand new Katamari title and being very similar to its past PS2 titles. Like any Katamari title the game starts out with the King of All Cosmos doing something crazy.  In Me & My Katamari's case the King has taken the Royal family on vacation.  But since the King is so ma...

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A timeless classic that everyone should play. 0

This review is part of my Grand Theft Auto:  The Classics Collection review and also just a standalone review for the game itselfBefore story, before character development and surely before over paid voice actors we had the original Grand Theft Auto.  A game so intense and full of so much just bad stuff it had a parental advisory warning label on the cover.  This game is without a doubt a total classic and in my opinion not the best Grand Theft Auto title but one of the best Grand Theft Auto tit...

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Classic Doom gameplay with updated graphics 0

*This review is in my old review format, I no longer review games like this.Doom 64 is a game that usually gets mixed reviews, but here I'm going to give you my honest review. So lets get this thing started first with graphics. Doom 64 uses sprites instead of 3D models for characters, enemies,weapons, items and anything else so their 2D, so for an example when you find a weapon if you circle around it you'll notice that the weapon or item is always facing towards you. But the enemys are all draw...

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Mixing old and new has never been so good 0

*This review is in my old review format, I no longer review games like this.Duke Nukem Manhattan Project just may be one of the best PC games of all time. Its simple, but at the same time extremely fun to play. So let me now explain to you why this is a must have for any PC gamer. So lets get started first with the graphics since this is the only weak point of the game. DNMP (Duke Nukem Manhattan Project) came out in 2002 shows it acceptable for it to look a little lacking when compared to curre...

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Manhunt 2 is just about as medicore as it gets 0

I'm lucky enough to have a uncensored copy of Manhunt 2 for the Wii, but not even playing it uncensored is enough to make a decent game. I enjoyed the first Manhunt it was a totally original idea with good visual effects for the time,a story that was straight out of a classic horror film, and some decent game play. Sure the enemy A.I. was pretty stupid but the whole execution thing made it cool. But sadly Manhunt 2 fails in every aspect that the original was good in besides the executions. So le...

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So much potential but nothing was executed well 0

If I was to ask anyone whos reading this review what they thought of the original Mortal Kombat most of you if not all of you would say that its just an amazing game with good fighting mechanics, good digitized graphics, sound, and would say that the gore is...well just great in a not psychotic way.Game Play: 1.5When you pop this game into the Game Boy you may be shocked to see how it plays, just so bad that its actually hard to classify this Mortal Kombat game as a fighting game. Sure this is t...

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The Sega CD got a rock solid port of Mortal Kombat 0

I just want to say from the very beginning that I'm going to compare the Sega CD version to the Genesis version so if your looking for a absolutely full review then I suggest reading my review of the Sega CD version and reading a detailed review that someone else made of the Genesis version.Game play: 4The Sega CD port of Mortal Kombat is pretty straight forward so things that didn't need changing didn't get changed. So since the game play of the Genesis version was a lot more true to the arcade...

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Before the PS3 release, the PS1 release was the best version. 0

Mortal Kombat II is considered by most Mortal Kombat fans to be the best game in the series, it took everything that was great about the first game and just added onto it. But after its arcade release it was ported over to 13 consoles (that's including the PC) and even after being ported to all of those consoles we wouldn't see an arcade perfect port of Mortal Kombat II until 2007 when it was ported to the Playstation 3 which was ported as an above arcade perfect port. So before 2007 what did we...

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