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I still prefer the 360 controller over the two new ones. The Xbone's triggers don't have enough tension. The DS4 triggers are too small and have even less tension than the Xbone's.

Love dat 360.

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Gamer = Cinephile.

I don't think the word needs to disappear. its useful shorthand.

If I was going to change it maybe ludumphile?......yea that's not going to catch on.

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I'm just resigned to the level of public discourse at this point. Its a vicious cycle, someone says/does something someone gets offended then its pile on and extremism.

But I'm not so sure all of the hate is from "gamers" (in as much that all people under 40 game) but a group of asshole troll motherfuckers.

But honestly all I can do is buy the shit that I like and hopefully the message gets through that I don't care if my avatar is a dude or lady, so long as I'm smoking fools and the gameplay rules I couldn't give a shit*. Everything else is just posturing. If AAA games need more female representation then sales, not critique, is required to make the message known to those publishers. I dunno cart before horse....then I think of Remember Me and I get worried that a lot of peeps money isn't where their mouth is.

Does anyone else think games should, inevitably let you play as whomever you want and make whatever decisions you want... like games should at some point run games like a DM?

* hyperbole, not all games I like require smoking fools, just most of them! and as most of them are first person I couldn't give a shit what my avatar looks like those games, actually

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@amafi: I'm honestly curious as to why you think the DS4 is better than the 360, especially when you specifically mention triggers, it makes me think my first run DS4 controllers are straight up busted or something.

There's no question that the 360 D-pad sucks but the triggers on my DS4s are just super bad, not as bad as the DS3 but still not good enough.

I can't stand the triggers on DS4.They have no tension and feel super tiny compared to the 360 and Xbone, like weird buttons and not triggers. It makes the DS4 pretty good for general gaming but not good for shooters and its the prime reason I pre-ordered Destiny on Xbone. Or maybe its just my first run controllers? I've heard the initial batch had some problems. How's the tension in the DS4 triggers for everyone else?

I still use 360 controllers with my PC. And if I had the choice I'd use 360 controllers with every game machine, Xbone included. (not a fan of the trigger rumble)

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I dunno man, I don't think ghosts are sentient they just haunt stuff, sometimes they be trippin and they take their shit to the next level. I think the reverse question is more interesting what if aliens saw ghosts, I'm talking the archetypical logical unemotional grey kind with the big eyes seeing the apparition style ghostie. You think that might break their inscrutable expressionless faces.

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I want a separation between journalism, criticism and review/personality angles.

I want to criticism of games in a thoughtful way, issues dealing with themes, games culture like film criticism.

I want the who what when where why and actual investigation into the business and development side rather than having this big nebulous business entity sitting above everything.... I want people to let me see inside that. Proper journalism.

But I also want editorial opinion charismatic personalities and basic reviews (which are not criticism in an academic sense).

And all of these things need to be done, at minimum,by seriously making sure people are wearing the right hat at the right time, and preferably by totally different people at totally specific publications/websites.

One of the fundamental issues of the current state of all journalism, not just videogame journalism is that modern tech has made people totally open, so I don't just get a critics thoughts on dumb game x I also know how he feels about stupid popular cause y, and that changes my perception of their thoughts on dumb game x. Even though their thoughts on dumb game x are totally insightful.

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I prefer the Xbone to PS4.

I still think most indie games are total shit and only really work when ripping off older fun games, looking at you rogue legacy.

I think No Mans Sky is going to be a snooze fest.

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@blu3v3nom07 said:

I have both XONE and PS4 [...] I really do like XONE more

I think that's the first time I've ever heard anyone say that.

I prefer my Xbone to my PS4 as well, and I think I've said it on these forums.....

Honest to god, hand on my heart I prefer the Bone! there are a few reasons, I like the integration and the way the UI works, but primarily it comes down to the controller and the weird barebones feel of the PS4, which is all subjective. To some the PS4 UI is probably "minimalism" to me its barren, I also like shooters a bunch and the DS4, while being better than the DS3, still has too many flaws as a FPS controller, the primary one being the tiny floppy triggers. The Bone has a better controller for FPS. (although even it could use some more tension in the triggers).

But honestly wait if you can be patient I'd wait. Wasn't one of the announcements a CoD Xbone bundle with a terabyte HDD? I want a terabyte HDD.... I'm guessing there might be a few more announcements like that before Christmas.

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The Rock has a few good scenes. I like the car chase and the shower scene alot, but the rest of the move is too plodding, the characters are all played without any nuance (apart from maybe Ed Harris) and the plot does nothing for me.

Even the comparisons to other good action movies annoy me. I'd say it isn't even as good as second string action moves like Last Boy Scout and Con Air. It can't even touch Die Hard.

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@ninnanuam: I agree with your controller opinions. I love the buttons more on the DS4, but I like the triggers and thumbsticks better on the X1 controller. I will say, though, I hate the rumble on the X1 controller (not the haptic triggers, the whole controller rumble) because it buzzes really loud and makes the controller sound like a plastic piece of crap.

I agree with you, the rumble is a bit strong, I still actually prefer the 360 controller over both DS4 and ONE, the tension in the triggers on a 360 pad is better than the One and I like the feel of the sticks better than the One. But damn the "triggers" on the DS4 feel like floppy tabs, and the sticks feel even worse than the Ones not to mention the terrible battery life, stupid light and pointless touchpad.

It really though comes down to those triggers though, all the rest of my bitching is minor quibbles when contrasted against how terrible I think they are. Don't get me wrong, DS4 has good face buttons, the triggers are at least concave this time around and for games that don't use the triggers as primary inputs its a pretty good controller. Its a huge step up from the almost unusable DS3 in almost every way possible, but people all over the place are singing that controllers praises like its goddamned amazing, its not, it is at best "pretty good".

I guess people can't like the DS4 controller as much as they do. (I think it's one of the best controllers out there. I like the sticks and triggers but dislike the bumpers on it. Xbone's is comparable but the rumble triggers seem off. DS3 is nowhere near unusable, just not as good as the DS2.) I guess there's no room for subjectivity when it comes to how people's hands feel on a controller.

No, there is totally room for subjectivity when dealing with preferences. Its just one of those things where a hell of a lot of people ATM seem to be overlooking flaws in Sony's offerings and hyping the crap out of their products. I got both consoles at launch but the PS4 launched in my territory later than the USA and from all the hype around that controller from regular people and a lot of positive press I thought it was going to be great. It isn't, there are things that are objectively bad about it, there is no way to argue that the 5ish hour battery life is good, and that the material the stick are made of seems slip off your fingers after a while, or that the always on light is a great addition. (have they patched that out yet? I haven't turned on my PS4 in a few months) You might like the triggers and the ergonomics, that's totally subjective but I was disappointed when I got the thing home.

Actually I was disappointed by BOTH new controllers, I feel even shittier about the One, Its worse than the 360 controller, how the fuck does MS even do that?

I also mentioned in my post a few times things like "I like" and "I think" which means while I might not put IMHO everywhere all over my posts and their might be an edge of hyperbole to my tone that I do not believe my word is gospel in any way. I'm sorry if you felt like I was trying speak from a place of objective truth, I was trying to go for exasperated, not know it all asshole.