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Bloodlines is probably my favourite RPG of all time.

Its a shame that the last 20% is all action, so if you got that far you saw enough.

Although the game rewards separate playthroughs as the characters get significantly different dialogue, especially the malkavian (traffic lights talk to Malks).

I'm actually trying to fix my list this years, I'm doing the 50/50/50 challenge (watch 50 movies read 50 books beat 50 games). I'm currently working on Yakuza 4.

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I'm worried that there will be too many shows and that people wont show up, but the organizers must have looked into this already and got some kinda agreement with devs, etc, right? One of my issues with all the PAX shows is that because it sells out so quickly you have to buy tickets and just roll the dice on who is coming and what will be going on. There is no scheduling and no confirmations of guests until about a month before the show, I'd be bummed to buy a ticket for the show, later to find out that there was nothing of interest there for me. I went to PAX AUS last year and if I wasn't into tabletop gaming the show would have been a bust for me. Still going this year due to the change to a proper venue, though but I wonder what/who will be there considering the time of the year (Halloween).

Although it could be a positive in a few ways, firstly those closer to the area can go to that show, and hopefully this might take pressure off Prime and to a lesser extent, East, maybe to the point where PAX prime doesn't sell out in less than an hour. Secondly, at that time of year there is little videogame coverage so it might be possible for a lot of games press to make it out.

I'm split on the idea.

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I much prefer split screen to online. Even when I do join a online party made up of my friends it ends up being boring, almost as bad as playing with randoms, there isn't an easy conversation or immediacy to the interactions with your friends. I do play online a lot but all things being equal id take local multi in a heartbeat. It means I'm hanging with my friends having a good time.

When my friends and I are all together however its a goddamned blast. Giving each other shit, working towards a goal, rotating play on SF4 online, usually this happens about once a month or so, we will go out to dinner or something have a couple of drinks and go back to someone's home and boot up a local multi game.

I could be lucky though all of my the vast majority of my RL friends game at least a little and my core group play quite a bit.

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I went to see monuments men last night. The movie was pretty average but I got me thinking about WWII shooters.

Its been nearly a full gen since someone has made a AAA WWII shooter, its so long ago that the last ones came out at the very start of the last consoles life and were definitely not 100% optimized.

I think I'm ready to storm Normandy again, its been a long time and I would love for them to capture the insanity that was WWII with up to date graphics.

How about you? Do you want a new WWII shooter or are you done with them forever?

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I'd probably go 360 followed by snes.

I was mainly a multiplatform gamer last gen but with the generally superior ports being on 360 its where I spent most of my time. And last gen was when the kinds of games I like (open word first or third person games) came into their own. its the gen that had GTA 5, the whole saints row series, first person fallouts, assassins creed etc. but on top of that most of the fighting games I loved in the 90's were released digitally. So last gen I got the best of both worlds.

The PS2 was pretty good as well, but it wasn't for me, lots of novelty it had almost something for everyone, except it couldn't handle games like Morrowind and it wasn't very good for FPS and those were the games I was playing in the early naughts.

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At the moment I'm probably a solid 50/50 split.

ATM I'm playing Yukuza 4 on PS3, Titanfall on XB1, Planetside 2 and Dust: an Elysian Tale on PC, and I just finished Infamous Second Son. (me playing this many games at once is not common but I'm off work for a month so why not).

There have been times where I've only played PC or Consoles (or even a specific console) for long stretches, but an exclusive will get me back, and once I'm playing on a particular system I tend to spend more time with it until another exclusive on another platform grabs me and them I move to the new system for awhile. Like when the new consoles came out, I bought Dead Rising 3, and because I was playing the XB1 (and didn't hear any bad things about the XB1 versions) I also bought Need for Speed and Lego Marvel on XB1.

I also don't really get those peeps saying "just plug your PC into your TV" that's cool if you want couch/controller play all the time, but then you sacrifice games that are better close up and K/M optimised. Those are the games I bought the computer for, so the computer lives in the study.

For example I like to play most run and gun FPS like Titanfall with a controller and while I think my computer might run the game prettier than XB1 I didn't buy it for PC, I bought it on xb1 because I don't want the hassle of moving my computer between my study and my living room, the rooms are far apart and I'm not running a permanent cord through my entire home, nor do I trust in any wireless solution at that distance with so many walls in between computer and TV. So XB1 version is the appropriate choice for me.

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I want an unknown. Honestly with the way they work they should look to hire someone with maybe a sketch/comedy writing background who also loves games.

I like a few of the people mentioned but I don't think any of them fit the site. I honestly think humour and the ability to be good on camera are more important than being in the biz.

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I cram 4-5 hours two to three times a week. I don't get a lot of time to play games during the weekdays as my GF generally hogs the big TV weeknights, so I usually get my gaming in early Saturday and Sunday morning before we head out and once every two weeks I have a day off from work where, if I have a good game on the go I'll play for 8 or so with a break in the middle for cleaning up/lunch.

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I feel that there are two things going on.

A great album that you really like might be replayable forever. However by doing such a thing you can turn the album in question into background noise and it can lose its power.

The other thing that can happen is that you hear an album you like then you stop listening to it for some reason then you hear it again like 5 years down the track and its like brand new and nostalgia all rolled into one...that shit, when it happens is amazing.

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  • Systems owned: NES, SNES, Gameboy, N64, Gameboy Advance, Gamecube, Wii, DS
  • Favourite system: Out of those, SNES by a long way.
  • Favourite Nintendo exclusive: toss up between Link To The Past and the original Street Fighter 2 on SNES. I know it's not exclusive any more but it was back then.