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There are so many reasons not to give up on physical media that I find the whole " get in line" inevitability of the whole thing disturbing. It cant happen unless consumers support it and we showed MS that when they announced the XBone and then triple backflipped.

The reasons digital games still suck compared to physical copies:

1, Price: digital versions of books, music and TV undercut physical prices by an order of magnitude to get their foothold, comparable digital games are like 10% cheaper tops and until they are in some subscription service for nothing they never go down in price. A month after a game comes out at retail the game has usually dropped by at least 10 bucks and usually more. Steam sales may be good but they aren't actually all that amazing. The last one kinda sucked and the sales prices for old games were still comparable to my local game store blow outs.

2, Fear of games becoming unplayable: servers get taken down all the time and some games are just plain unplayable due to this. But I can still boot up my SNES and play legend of Zelda or SF2. There is a feeling that these companies will shut off games we love in the not to distant future and we will be left with no collection at all.

3, Technological limitation: Most of the world still has shit internet, games are now fucking huge and streaming sucks ass...oh and some places (read a lot of places) have bandwidth caps.

Downloading a modern AAA game with ADSL or even ADSL 2 takes forever and can be a sizable investment of a person's monthly DL limit. when I buy a game from steam it doesn't just cost me the 15 bucks I paid for it also costs me my bandwidth and monthly DL amount, I only get 100 gigs a month for 60 bucks, most bigish games seem to come in at around 15-30 gigs so that 15 dollar game actually costs me more like $25 in real terms.

Again until these issues are sorted there is no reason to buy into this all digital future. Vote with you wallet and voice your opinion. We check MS last year and we can do it the next time asshole corporation tries this shit.

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My list would go

1, Vice City: goddamn that game captured a feel unlike any other game I've played (maybe only Fallout NV beats it for that), the radio stations all worked perfectly, the palette was fantastic, and the story fit exactly with the gameplay.

2, GTA V: the sheer scope was impressive, I cant believe that game even works on the 360 its like magic. They story wise and the trappings of the world really capture the horrible GTA world so well.

3, GTA IV: Sure Nico was a bummer, but the world was super realised and I actually liked the story overall. Also the expansions were pretty damn good.

4, San Andreas: Again great world building but I felt the story got lost along the way and the world was very fragmented. There were a lot of things to like and it was a great sandbox game.

5, GTA III: It's an important game but its not as well realised as the other games on this list, I've played it but its the only game on the list I never finished.

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Thanks Ill give Strike Suit Zero a try, might try those middleware solutions as well.

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I still play GTA online a little, and with the release of the new versions I know I'll probably pick it up again. While there are less of us online than there used to be the console that everyone transitions to might swing me one way or the other as to which console I pick it up for. ATM i'm probably going Xbox1, because the PS network kinda hates me.

Eventually I'll get it for PC during a steam sale but I cant see that happening until sometime next year.

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Find some friends... its really the only way.

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So I've got a rift in my house finally and I need recommendations on what to get for it.

ATM I have downloaded a scuba simulation some solar system thing and a crappy "horror game" called affected or something.

All of them are...well, kinda shit. I mean they all work, but they are more like amusement rides or proof of concept tech demos than actual worthwhile experiences.

Anything a bit more impressive/substantial out there? I'd be willing to drop a few bucks.

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Meh I look at game reviews the same way as movie reviews, find a reviewer who likes the same kinda shit as you, read their stuff.

Games and music reviews seem to line up a bit more than game and movie reviews. In that both use a lot of references to other music/games.

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Fallout New Vegas, Followed by Saints Row 2

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I'm just happy that not one but, two!, people agree with me that Fallout NV was the best game of last generation, that game is a bloody masterpiece and is criminally underrated.

My top 5 from last years GOTG list

1.Fallout New Vegas

2. Rock Band 3

3. Saints Row 2

4. Skyrim

5. GTA 5

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I'm in my late 20's now and I really don't listen to any current music anymore. I'm firmly supplanted in a nice nostalgic rut with music from the 80's and 90's.

@ninnanuam said:

I like a lot of stuff.

Primarily ATM you'll find me listening to a lot of Synthwave, Lounge, and death rock/goth. I go though phases with music, where i'll only listen to a few styles, then the stuff I liked gets added to a growing pile of what I consider "good shit" so my tastes just continue to grow.

The last three things played on my phone were Beastmilk, Kavinsky, and Babylon Whores.

Tell me about some of this lounge music if you would please. Give some examples too.

So its generally older music sort of jazzy, but not really Jazz or big band but an offshoot of those, its generally kind of quirky, primarily instrumental but voices/singers are included sometimes. A lot of it sounds like 50-70's movie score, and a lot of the composers did work in movies too.

Not really talking about lounge singers, though I don't mind lounge singers (I have soft spot for Tony Bennett and Dean Martin), nor do I mean modern lounge, which seems like average house music to me most of the time.

A basic idea of what i'm talking about: