Wings of Desire

I’ve thought about it and from now on, when people ask me what my favorite movie is, I’m no longer going to respond, “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre”. Instead I’ll say , “Wings of Desire”. I really do like that movie more.


Orange Pelican GCN Retro Pad

My orange Pelican GCN Retro Pad arrived in the mail today (brand new!) for $15.99 + shipping from a site called Cap'n Games. It's a controller specifically designed to make up for the lack of proper d-pad on the GCN controller while playing games on the system's Gameboy Player.

It's supposedly a "cheap alternative" to the elusive Hori Gameboy Player Controller, but I couldn't find any on Amazon, or eBay. There are a few inflatedly priced Hori's floating around however, so this knockoff may have become the more scarce (yet less valuable) of the two . This also seems to have been the last one the site had in stock, so I feel exceptionally lucky for finding it - especially at such a solid price.

The controller is sturdy, like an extra-thick SNES pad, and is damned comfortable to hold. The buttons have a great feel to them, and the Genesis-esque D-pad is both fluid and responsive.

Now all I need, to get the Gameboy Player on my HDtv, are some GCN component cables and I'm golden. Until my next paycheck though, I'll just stick to all the 2D-friendly GCN and GCN-controller compatible Wii games I own.