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Yep. They can also damage you if you start an event (when you are sitting waiting for it to start). Like Jeff said, this game has some great ideas but executes on them pretty poorly.

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@pompouspizza: Mine says 16GB when I hit Options > Information on the NFS tile.

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@seppli: It's mostly scenes with bright sunlight. There are scenes in BF4 that look great but any map where you are outside in direct sunlight it gets really harsh looking. This applies to all of NFS Rivals since the entire thing is outside.

With PVZ they don't have a super bright light source anywhere. It's very overcast looking. If you look at the first gamplay trailer ( it has the same harsh look to it.

I've only ever noticed it with Frostbite games. If anyone has any examples of games that use a similar style and don't use Frostbite I'd like to see them.

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This seems to be a Frostbite specific style. The lighting in pretty much all frostbite games seems very harsh. Especially when a scene has direct sunlight.

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Is it just me or is it almost impossible to escape the cops at times. I can repeatedly get the "escaping" meter on screen and it fills all the way and then suddenly it just reverts to "persuit resumed" for no reason. No cops around me, I haven't driven past any speed cameras, nothing. It's incredibly frustrating. It's almost as if there is a roll of the dice behind the scenes as to if you actually have evaded the cops, and if it decides you haven't, it just spawns some behind you.

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It was downloading the extra data. What is your connection like?

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The online aspect is very disappointing. The city feels small and uninteresting compared to something like Burnout Paradise. Racing is fun but I have noticed quite a few bugs (side swiping a guard rail and being instantly turned around to face the other way, Respawning facing a cliff/wall, etc.)

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It's just a cable. It should be perfectly fine. If it were a power brick like the XBO I would say no.

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Anyone know where to find the rankings for teams/individual streams by money raised?

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Killzone, and AC4 are my launch games. I also have NFS:Rivals preordered from Amazon but it says Nov 22 for the release date. Does anyone know if that is correct?