The Playboy game

I saw the poisonvill title and instantly thought then thought  I love Dashiell Hammet   his work has inspired some text book definition cool, Bogart's Portral of Sam Spade,  In fact a lot of the dark gritty  leanings of modern cinema can be considered a throwback to plenty of noir films.  
What does this have to do with or Poisonvill? Well Dashiell Hammet penned a novel called, Red Harvest,  that was then adapted to make Yojimbo and then that was remade with A fist full of Dollars. The setting for the original novel, was Poisonvill. I understand this is a MASSIVE leap of logic and plenty of misplaced trust thinking that playboy might produce something halfway decent especially if it's licensed, but wouldn't it be great? 
Dark novels can make decent games Dark corners of the Earth was a pretty good example, the Sherlock Holmes production line keeps turning out titles, and the characters and plot of this novel practically translate them selves. If you've seen the films you can easily put together a few ideas of how a game based on that story, in any town or setting, could be something compelling or atleaest hold enough water to hang some shooting mechanics and driving onto.  
This won't happen from Playboy, but maybe, if someone else sees the potential behind the idea they'll plant the seeds for a game, if it's nurtured with talent and respect fr the source material, well maybe there's hope.