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Does a man require BioShock? Yes, says the man reviewing. 0

This game presents itself wonderfully, from the music to the beautiful style of the underwater city and the brilliant voice work, putting this game a class above most. The game feels very polished and you can get a real sense of progress throughout the game. There are a few main story characters, they distinguish themselves nicely and are very exaggerated to fit into the world. Without spoiling the game the story unfolds nicely, comes to a fitting conclusion and overall feels solid, naturally ...

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Legend is the same, just with less thinking and more shooting. 0

After trying Tomb Raider Anniversary and enjoying it I decided to get into Legend. In terms of controls it's much the same, although various strangely situated buttons may need to be reassigned it won't be long before things are familiar. Now Legend does look nicer than Anniversary thanks to the next gen content, this is basically better textures, bump maps and unified lighting/shadow system. It's not the best running game and still has fairly low polygon environments but it looks ok. The role o...

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A detailed and atmospheric world with very impressive gameplay 0

Last time I played a game with a huge amount of potential I had great feelings about the future of the First Person Shooter genre. The game combined the shooting elements I loved with the choice and character development of an RPG. To my great disappointment the game did not kick start a revolution, it seemed as though most had just ignored it despite it’s stellar ratings. Deus Ex is the game I’m referring to and after almost 7 years the mix of genres has been drastically under utilized, only a ...

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The choice is yours as Geralt in this superbly crafted RPG 0

In The Witcher you play as Geralt, a human mutant who slays monsters, set out to recover the secrets of the Witchers. The Witcher is a great Role playing game and it doesn't have hundreds of weapons and armor, it doesn't have a insane amounts of random loot to collect. What it does do is let you play a role, that role is to choose a path that the story should follow. Choose who to kill, who to accuse and who to trust. These aspects are carefully played out through a series of quests and at vario...

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