My second giant bomb blog and PSN tag

Hello people i don't really do blogs on here beause i don't have many friends :( but i thought i would. i think Giant bomb is awesome and i have 375 points! In gaming news ive been playing uncharted a lot to try and get the platinum trophy and im sooooooo close... too many ames are coming out this fall what i want!!!ive already had to cut away LittleBigPlanet and a few others but im really looking forward to the awesome Mercenaries 2. This will be the first new PS3 game ive got since MGS4. lastly i got the idea to create a PSN tag from Metal_Gear_Sunny so here it is.


My First Giant bomb blog

Hi I think this site is pretty cool but it can be slow at times and i seen quite a few error messages anyway i think it a different experience from Gamespot but i aren't leaving gamespot to come here so i'll still be over there most of the time :) i like the way you can edit articles and the review system is better then gamespot.