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This looks pretty great. It's really weird not seeing Mel Gibson's face on Max, but I imagine I'll get over it as I play.

Batman combat is rad. I still have fond memories of pulling off 120 hit combos in that game. Hopefully Mad Max apes it enough to actually get the feel and flow of it right.

September 1st is a problem, though. MGS5 is what I'm playing on that day. May have to get this a little later in the year.

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@joshwent: I think the problem with Pratchett and other game writers is that they approach the medium like television or film. Games have far more in common with books or music than they do TV or film. Games are a medium designed not for, eh, tightly controlled plot, but more sprawling "stories". As you know, story and plot are two different things, and I think games do personalized stories far better than a lot of other mediums do.

Games, I think, have an uncanny cheat at their disposal; we as players experience the hardships Lara endures in Tomb Raider, so the writers have less of a need to build sympathy with the character. Sympathy is required in most mediums because they're passive, where as we are placed directly into the experience ourselves, albeit with different skin and a different name. The reason people love the Halo games and Halo stories aren't because they're wonderfully written, but because they're written in such a way that places the player at the heart of the story. A million different people can think that the Master Chief looks like them, or that they feel a certain kinship with him because he's such a blank slate. He's everything to everyone. He's whatever you project him to be. Another example would be Samus Aran. She had no character to speak of but what the player projected onto her with what little evidence there was. When Other M came out and she was given a defined personality, people recoiled because it didn't jibe with their personal idea of who she was. Games are delicate in that way, and it's a problem that I think is unique to games.

It's like... the difference between The Warden Commander and Commander Shepard. Commander Shepard feels like a character you guide along paths, where as the Warden Commander, at least to me, felt like my avatar in the world of Dragon Age. There's no dividing line between the Warden and I, at least not in the way there is between Shepard and I.

I guess I'm rambling in a way to say that games writing should be treated as its own thing. Games don't really need to rely on building sympathy with a protagonist because we are the protagonist. Or something. Basically I think what I'm saying is that compared to film or television, games writing is mediocre, and most game stories won't stand up to the traditional methods of critical scrutiny. The key difference, I think, is that game stories aren't just stories, but they're the player's stories. It's far more personal because we're doing these things. It's like trying to criticize experience versus passive observation, if that makes any sense.

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@joshwent said:

I'm kind of baffled why Rhianna Pratchett is still used as a name to get folks excited. I'm sure she's a lovely person, but all of the games I've played that she worked on were consistently trope-filled and rote, with characters just as 2 dimensional as in almost every other game. She's usually mentioned in the same breath as folks like Amy Hennig and Ken Levine, but I just don't see it.

Overlord was hilarious and the new Tomb Raider was a better Uncharted than any of the Uncharted games. I'm not saying she's great, or that she's her father's equal, but she has talent and she seems to enjoy working in the medium.

Also; Tropes Are Not Bad.

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Last night I came down with probably the worst flu I've ever had in my life. I'm vomiting all the time, I'm feverish, and no matter how much ginsing I drink or how much OJ I consume, I cannot settle my stomach down enough to keep said fluids in.

Drew, Dan; I'm counting on you to make me forget about this horrible bullshit for a few hours.

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@enemylandlord said:

Do any developers make proper multiplatform MLB simulation games anymore? It seems super weird to me that AAA baseball would be totally locked up on Playstation boxes. If I were a baseball loving Xbox One owner and this was my only option for the year, I'd be pretty disappointed.

Also, the iris levels on that youth program video package looked out of control! That type of mistake seems crazy coming from an MLB sanctioned product.

Baseball games just don't sell well. It started happening right around the time that all of the fun baseball games dried up and were replaced by simulation, stat heavy games. Batting got too complicated. Pitching got too complicated. Everything got too complicated, really. The baseball license was actually locked up by 2K Sports for awhile, and when the bottom fell out they had to keep making MLB games to avoid a lawsuit.

Basically the sales of baseball games got so bad that 2K just treated the MLB franchise like a write off. Money was going in, and they were never getting anything out of it.

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If The Fury was this rough for Drew, I can't wait to see how he handles the one-two punch waiting at the end.

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I could really go for some Arkham goodness right about now. If the rumour about that Asylum/City remaster is true, I might have to get that to tide me over.

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@joshwent said:

Man. This shit in a thread about a pretty clever song parody full of super cute pixel dicks.

Someone needs a hug.

I don't know how someone can watch this and not think this is just a stupid gag to promote what is probably a stupid game that a couple of friends made because they had a stupid idea. It's ironic that these people frequent Giant Bomb, a site founded on the principal of doing stupid shit for the sake of doing stupid shit.

But whatever. I'm often confused at how so many people take things like this seriously.

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Dan's right. I played a MonHun game on my friend's PSP and it controlled terribly. I can get around shit controls if I need to (Resident Evil?), but MonHun commits the cardinal sin of being boring. It's a hunting simulator in a fantasy setting, but the game I wanted it to be was "get a big ass sword and kill that giant lizard". I wanted less Cooking Mama and more stab-stab. If I really want to hunt, I'll go out during Deer season.

I don't blame Dan for coming away with a negative impression in the slightest.

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@darek006 said:

Man, the guy that said "Anyway..." inadvertently stumbled into hilarity but didn't understand why people were laughing and then :(

I really hope that guy didn't hang himself or anything. He looked like he was about to cry once he got embarrassed. Must've been a nightmare trying to impress people you like and instead you get the room laughing at you (and by room, I mean thousands of people). My heart went out to him.

And that Lang/Drake "prank"... holy shit. That was like trying to watch a Dementor corrupt Ernest P. Worrell.