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@geraltitude: If you play a Monster Hunter game you'll know exactly what I mean. Monster Hunter is all over that thing (I think the same developers worked on it).

Monster Hunter is indeed all over Peace Walker, but considering that Monster Hunter is the most popular handheld title in Japan it's kind of expected.

That said, that game is a Kojima Productions title through and through. Tons of MH influence, yes, but there is a really solid Metal Gear game in there if that's all you're looking for.

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Cody Rhodes Stardust is probably the dude I'd have the most fun having a beer with. Genuinely seems like one of us and isn't just tolerating the games talk.

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Finally, something that can break my SWTOR addiction.


Also this.

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Going to listen to this, but I just have one question;

is "toxic" the most absolutely overused descriptor in gaming right now? Like, holy shit.

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I....want....a....new....knights...of...old...republic...game.....for the love of god

play SWTOR, the Jedi Knight class. It is, without a doubt, KOTOR 3.

As far as Shadow Realms is concerned, it sounds like Diablo meets Neverwinter Nights MP. That doesn't sound awful on paper, but then again I have no idea how close to either end of the scale it is. All I know is that, if it's anything like an MMO at all, I've already got one. I'm good, thanks.

However, I think people are forgetting (or just plain don't know) how utterly amazing NWN MP was. You had a DM and four heroes running a campaign together. There was a lot of great fun to be had then, and if this game is anything like that then it should be interesting to see more of, at the very least.

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@oldirtybearon: According to Aaryn Flyn, the game is not being made by Bioware Canada, so neither Montreal or Edmonton. So its not Casey Hudsons new IP. Its gotta be Austin, unless theres a secret studio in the US or elsewhere that Bioware opened.

God Dammit.

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Reasons to be excited:

  1. It's a new IP from Bioware.
  2. This is likely what Casey Hudson's Edmonton team has been working on since wrapping ME3.
  3. It is unlikely this is a Bioware Austin game, as that's an MMO developer and MMOs are crappy.
  4. EA has likely learned its lesson from trying to brand a fucking RTS as a Bioware game.
  5. It looks modern day, with a heavy emphasis on the supernatural.

Reasons to be skeptical:

  1. Jury is still out on if Bioware is back after their recent slump.
  2. This is likely what Casey Hudson's Edmonton team has been working on since wrapping ME3.

I want to be excited, but I need to see more of this and play DA3 before deciding if it's worth getting excited for another Bioware game. For the record I really, really hope this turns out well. Nobody makes RPGs like Bioware, and they are consistently my very favourites in the genre. From KOTOR to Jade Empire to Dragon Age to Mass Effect, I absolutely love the games these guys make and I don't know if my heart can handle another rush job.

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If you've ever fantasized about opening up the puzzle box from Hellraiser


No really, that's my biggest problem with puzzle boxes. I can't even own a fake toy version of the damn thing. I just do not want any of that shit anywhere near me on the (entirely impossible) chance that solving it would summon those ungodly things.

Just. Gah.

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I fucking lost it.

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I... I can't tell if this is spam or not.