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Drew's incessant comments during cut-scenes are getting to be a bit much.

MGS2 is mostly cutscenes. What do you want them to do, sit quietly during the majority of the game?

Which makes me wonder what the hell they're going to do in the final third of the game, where there's easily an hour of cutscenes and codec calls with no break to save, followed by a boss fight, followed by more cutscenes.

I think the issue is that (speaking for myself only here) I'm worried that Drew is missing critical pieces of information while going for the one liners. The one liners are often funny, but I don't want him to miss out on something important along the way.

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Just out of Interest, how long did it take "you" to read Sphere?

I read Sphere about ten years ago, and I finished it in a couple of evenings. Granted those were hardcore, four-or-five hours a night readathons, but that novel more than any other Crichton work sucked me in.

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Discussion about Lucid Dreaming? more of this please, I want to know what kind of weird shit Dan is/was doing in his lucid dreams. I never got good enough at it to do anything really fun, but its was definitely a crazy experience. The first time you realize you have control without waking up is a pretty awesome, and everyone I've talked to about basically does the same thing, flies.

It's Dan Ryckert.....What do YOU think he lucid dreams about?

Winning The Title at WrestleMania.

Guaranteed he's dreamt of it at least once.

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Honestly, the biggest change I've seen this generation is that reviews are getting more and more useless.

I mean, I understand that they're subjective and all, but most of the time it just seems like there isn't even an attempt to try and be a bit objective. As a result, reviews relay personal issues and experiences rather than mechanics, controls, etc. Plus, there seems to be a substantial amount of time set aside towards discussing story and characters rather than the gameplay, which is fine for some folks, but I tend to only care about the gameplay cause even well-regarded stories in gaming tend be meh, in my experience (with the exception of The Last of Us).

Fortunately, GB seems to avoid this issue. Call me old fashioned, but I like how technical their reviews are. They read like actual product reviews and less like blog posts, compared to most other gaming websites. Although to be fair, I still prefer Quick Looks to reviews when it comes to making a purchasing decision.

I agree, but I don't think sites like Giant Bomb are exempt. I find myself caring less and less what games media thinks of a given title by the week. Whenever I'm interested in a game or want to see it in action, I've found myself going to other gamers or channels on youtube that focus on showing off the game.

Really at this point the only thing that keeps me going to any games media site like Giant Bomb is features like Metal Gear Scanlon. That'll probably be the only reason I resub this year, if I do.

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Patrick, every article title you write sounds like a Fall Out Boy song title.

It's comments like these that make me wish Giant Bomb had an upvote button.

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Man, this QL sold me on playing Borderlands 2 again.

Now I gotta re-download all the add-ons :(

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Dan: "That's pretty sharp."

Drew: "No it's Philips."


Drew has one hell of a quick wit. Just rapid fire sometimes.

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Don't take this the wrong way, but I really couldn't care less about racing at all. F1, NASCAR, the kids at my school who race their bikes to the burger joint, all of it. I do not care at all about racing.

Yet for some reason I absolutely love this podcast. It's like following a soap opera with all the team based intrigue, in-fighting, and betrayal. I have no idea who this "Hamilton" fellow is, but I felt real bad for him getting screwed over a few podcasts ago and I'm hoping he makes a heroic comeback.

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Damn, Dan has a real sweet superkick on 'em. Kudos to Alex for selling it like a champ, too.

The panel was pretty good, too.