Games with awesome titles.

Maybe it should be "unusual titles?" Remember, titles are the only criteria for inclusion on this list.

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Posted by buzz_clik

RE: your first selection, I totally thought the same thing.

Posted by wosifat

"I Have No Mouth, Yet I Must Scream" didn't make the list?

Posted by JackSukeru

Oh god, I think I've totally played I've Got Some Balls!

Posted by shodan2020
Posted by Mystic_Eyes

to RockmanBionics:
ahaha...seriously? You played something like that?

Posted by buft

brilliant list, funny reading

Posted by abdo

Great list!

Posted by ReverendHunt

I wouldn't consider C.O.W.Boys altogether a TMNT ripoff, considering they were created by Ryan Brown of Mirage Studios, who worked on many prominent TMNT comics and was the creator of, among other characters, Leatherhead. Sure is a goofy name for a series, though.

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