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Really happy to hear Jeff acknowledge the wiki and all, as you would otherwise suspect it was about ready to be put to pasture. However, I feel like Jeff has long aired his aspirations for the wiki and yet it's been stuck in the same state for so long now. I'd like to hope these new workings within the wiki will be implemented sooner rather than later; maybe when they at least finally hire these new staff members.

Yeah I agree, but I honestly think they don't have the resources to improve the wiki. So much of that was Dave and the other Whiskey engineers and designers. I don't think we'll see a significant move to improve the wiki in quite some time. I can't even remember the last time I edited anything. Also it's kind of the same way with a lot of the proposed changes he's discussing. We'll see I guess, but I really don't see Jeff writing long-form criticism, for instance.

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That Q&A was actually really good. Fun to contrast with the PAX Q&As, which are 99% horrible, though that Crash Bandicoot jacket guy was pretty alright.

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Hello, please cut the AWFUL musical interludes. Sincerely, EVERYONE. Thanks.

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@thiago123: Haven't been in this thread a while, just caught up, really like your read on the ending, that's good stuff.

@myrmicus: You posted some good stuff on the last page, but I have to agree with thiago that your agument "because we don't see it doesn't mean it doesn't happen" is... bad. You can argue all kinds of silly business following that logic. That's not how narrative works. I'm not saying you're crazy, just that it's a bad argument. I mean hell, maybe after the cinematic your character strolls back out and goes swimming. We don't see it, but it could happen. No.

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I did like the OP and it was the best decision, that bow saw a LOT of use in my playthrough. Though once you get your hands on the Avelyn, it has the potential to be even better. But that's significantly later in the game.

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ENB, who worked with FROM on the official guide and wrote much of the lore in it, calls out the description of the Giant Stone Axe, cryptically. Time travel confirmed?

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As a rule, I never upgrade armor with twinkling titanite, unless I know for a fact that I'm going to be sticking with it (so, not until NG+ probably, though there are some farming spots), and twinklies are plentiful. Same goes for regular armor, unless I've got plenty of regular/large/chunks of titanite, which is usually around 3/4 of the way through. But paradoxically, armor actually matter less on NG+, because enemies and bosses do so much damage that you're likely to be 2 or 3-shot regardless of what you're wearing. As long as I'm below <70%, I don't care that much. I'll wear something that looks cool and offers at least decent protection, rather than trying to min/max to squeeze every last drop out of my available equip weight, because it just doesn't matter that much later on.

I did roll around in full Faraam for a while and fully upgraded the chest armor and got the rest most of the way, to +7ish. But I've ditched it since for a new look.

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I've been using the Velstadt suit at around SL 120 with Defenders Greatsword, 5 attunement slots and the chime shield. The Paladin is a really fun class to play - Versatile. And you can gear your miracle setup for PvE or PVP by swapping in force or the one that casts random lightening. You can go toe to toe in mele, or cast. Just so much fun

Is that chime shield actually any good with magic or for blocking or do you use it because you like it thematically? iirc it only has 80% phys reduction, right? What's the faith/lightning scaling at max (lightning) upgrade?

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@oni: Is he optional? I'm pretty sure you need the Soldier's Key to access the second leg of FoFG. In that second leg is of course the Pursuer as well as the King's door that leads to the Giant Lord memory.

Here's a question though; why do the giants have faces like puckered buttholes?

Ah you're right, I forgot that the King's Door in FoFG is behind a door that requires the Soldier's Key. Damn. There goes that, I guess. Doesn't change my theory though, I'm aware it's shaky and the biggest thing going for it is the visual similarity between those 2 giants, it's just my pet theory and I like it for some reason.

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Also, we can't exactly be sure what Vendrick stole because we don't actually know where Drangleic is. If it's built atop Lordran, there's no reason to steal the First Flame from across the ocean: the you already have it. If it's Vinheim like the Lingering Dragon Crest Ring potentially hints at though, then someone would have had to bring it over somehow, at some point.

I'm operating under the assumption that Drangleic is built on top of the ruins of Lordran (and probably some kingdoms that came after it), because it requires far less supposition than if it isn't and requires the least amount of mental gymnastics. Occam's Razor etc. We have the four Lord Souls, the first flame, pieces of the Lordvessel, not to mention the crapton of other items, weapons and rings. The Dragoncrest Ring doesn't even contradict this, as it says it was USED in "this land", iirc. At this point, I'm 99% convinced the Giant's Kinship is what Vendrick took, and the Giant Lord's Soul is what he used on himself. Again, it's what makes the most amount of sense to me; Giant's Kinship manipulates Golems, and it's stated Vendrick used the thing he stole to create Golems and make the castle. Vendrick's soul (or some other item) says he used the Giant's strength and made it his own, and mentions him using a powerful soul to keep the curse at bay. 1+1=2.

Regardless of time travel dickery, I also still believe the Last Giant is the Giant Lord, if for no other reason than that's the only giant we've seen that has exactly that figure. All of the others are shorter and squatter. It's possible that in the timeline where we didn't intervene in the memories/past, Vendrick eventually captures the Giant Lord and imprisoned him and made him part of his experiments to try and figure out a solution to the curse. This fits with how From has approached time travel in the past. Remember Sif -- if you don't do the DLC before fighting him, his intro cut scene is as normal and he does not recognize you. If you do it before, he does recognize you. Time paradoxes abound (and I fkkn hate time travel, god), I know, but that would make it consistent.

edit: I just realized The Last Giant is entirely optional and now I'm wildly curious to see what happens if you don't kill him and wait until the very endgame after you've killed the Giant Lord in the memory and then go back to the Last Giant.