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Good read, thanks for writing that. Also holy shit I had no idea you got a job at Steel Nebula, congratulations! Be sure to remind Ron Galaxy often of how terrible he is.

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More diversity. Less McElroy/Miller-types. Max 5-6 people per panel. Honestly, what @flstyle said.

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Tonally and thematically it's easily the best and most interesting, and as a whole it's right up there. I'd probably put it just below OoT, which is just timeless and classic in every way. N64 Zeldas are best Zeldas. Once you figure out the Song of Slow Time, the time limit isn't that big a deal anymore either. I don't love that part of it, but it's not unmanageable. Not nearly the same level of stress as, say, Dead Rising, because if you screw something up you can always try again thanks to the Groundhog Day nature of it.

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@sweep said:

@oni: Well yeah, I'm kinda assuming people will interpret this as my opinion and not fact because it's written in my blog. I just can't be fucked to keep typing "in my opinion" at the beginning of every sentence.

And yeah. They are shitty writers.

Saying "it does not matter" isn't the same as saying "I don't care." It does matter, just not to you. Maybe that seems like a semantic distinction, but it reads pretty differently.

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I find the whole thing laughably hilarious and sort of reverse race issues. I love that the article @spaceinsomniac brings up mentions things like Dom from Gears of War. I played Gear's of War plenty, how many times do you think I thought about Dom or Coles ethnicity while playing the game? Bear in mind I even played Gears 2 100% through as Co-op and I was the one playing Dom himself. Not even once, that's how many times I thought about it zero. It has nothing to do with the story, it has nothing to do with the gameplay, and it doesn't make Dom more or less relate-able.

I play games for fun and to enjoy them, I figure most gamers are the same. All I care about is if your game is good, I couldn't care less if the protagonist is white, black, hispanic, muslim, male, or female. If you want to take on race and sexism issues you need to find a different avenue then video games because video games in general are not about tackling social issues and there are far better platforms to use to run your crusade.

To you. You are speaking from your perspective. Maybe to others, it does matter. You don't get to decide what should or should not matter to other people. And saying games "can't do" or "aren't about" doing X or Y is silly, who decides that? You? That's a self-fulfilling prophecy. A matter of simple inclusion isn't tackling a social issue actively, it can just be there passively. You don't even have to call it out. Meanwhile, Gone Home dealt with a social issue and did it well. So your limited view isn't really reflective of anything but your limited mindset. Like, "you figure" most gamers are the same as you. But not everyone is. Who are the people that want more diversity? That write articles? They don't exist, or don't count? The evidence that counters your claim is literally in your face, but you're denying it exists.

As for OP, I'd argue that writing more diverse characters will naturally lead to better writing because every character won't be the same straight white male going through a lazily written Hero's Journey for the umpteenth fucking time. You're arguing from the position that straight white male is the default and anything that's not that needs to have some kind of reason for not being straight, or white, or male. People don't need reasons to be any, or none, of the above, so why should characters in fiction? And if the argument is "writers write what they know" then they're shitty writers. Being a writer is entirely about empathy. If you can't do some research and write from a different perspective, you're a shitty writer, maybe.

Also, you don't get to say what matters and what doesn't for other people. It matters to people. It's really that simple. It's easy to say it doesn't as a straight white dude, because you're pretty much always represented in media.

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Now I actually want to play Wolfenstein. Sounds interesting!

Also the new Godzilla is pretty bad. Avoid.

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Despite Tidus being insufferable, the ending is indeed really effective and emotional. I blame the music, which gets to me every time, but then I wonder, if I didn't have the context for it, would it still do that to me?

Just makes it an even bigger bummer that the writers couldn't make their leads more likeable.

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So I decided to restart this character from scratch and document the journey again in an LP. This is the first LP I've ever recorded haha. Feedback is appreciated.

The first episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5qbPPQ8nfvY

Hopefully this doesn't count as "youtube spam." :(

I enjoyed that, might try the run myself!

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Also, there are Alonne Knights in Drangleic Castle too, which may or may not be significant. Hard to tell in Dark Souls 2 because enemy placement sometimes seems all over the place, like Grave Wardens in Earthen Peak.