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Gotham being devoid of civilians for the third time running in this series was my biggest initial disappointment for this game. There were many more to follow, but it remains the most stagnant aspect of the series, and really tired narratively. Great piece Austin.

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Well this is interesting. It's like a social engineering experiment: how could you possibly create a worse user community experience than Twitch for livestreamed games? Get the people from Youtube comments!

Depending on what streams on twitch you've been watching. Kaceytron's chat is an actual waking nightmare.

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Life is Strange isn't totally authentic, but I think people are forgetting how dumb high school is. That "keep calm and carry on" thing is maybe a bit outdated, but it works. When I was in high school a few years ago, people (students and teachers) were forcing dank memes into everything.

Man I'm in University and teachers are still putting dank memes in the goddamn syllabus, I'm not even joking. I'm 27, I'm too old for this shit.

Good blog Alex, I just finished episode 3 and it's my favorite yet. I agree that it's just the right amount of awkward and pretentious and self-aware. I think people who can't get past the "awkward" language are getting too fixated on it and forgetting that being socially awkward is pretty much the whole point.

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@oni: I'm really curious, you should record and upload some of this awesome Mercy Blades action because I really have to see it to believe it.

He can't cause there is no such thing :p.

Ye of little faith. I just did a Root Chalice depth 5 (lower Loran) with all modifiers active using only the Blades (except for Amygdala, the last boss, because Ludwigs is too good for hitting the head). I wanted to share it and upload but forgot the PS4 only saves the last 15 minutes, which was mostly me dying to Amygdala. Maybe I'll do another later. In any case I'm sure Youtube has you covered if you want to see how awesome the Blades are. I know I have Epicnamebro in my corner anyway, he loves the Blades!

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@oni: What if you add poison gems to the blades? Can bosses be poisoned at all?

Some can, but that's just not worth it. If you want to poison a boss or something, just bring some poison throwing knives and keep the Blades for damage. Maybe for PvP I can see a use for poison gems in the blades, but for PvE? nah, raw damage>all.

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@humanity is pretty much correct. The Chikage and Burial Blade are easily the most stand out skill weapons. The threaded cane is okay though thanks to it's range options. Mercy blades? Like I said very niche.

Incorrect, but thanks for playing! Blades>all. The speed and stunlock potential is just unmatched. Like I said, not necessarily great for bosses, but for everything else... Have Mercy.

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@humanity: Next to nothing but the slowest, biggest hits stunlocks the Cathedral Ward guys with the sticks. I recommend you give the weapon another go fully upgraded in dual wield mode, it's just beastly. The cane doesn't compare imo. I've tried almost every other weapon in the game (praise the dupe glitch) but I've yet to find a combo I like more than Blades and Ludwig's.

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@humanity: Whats wrong with the Blades? I heard people say they were awesome on bosses and stuff from being so fast.

I just assume people are insane. Even with the great Skill scaling they do way less damage than the cane and don't stunlock even some of the basic enemies so whats the point? The speed of attack is negated by your necessity to back off because enemies just shrug off your offense. Why slash someone 4 times from the front, then dash to the side and slash some more, when you can just kill them with three hits from a more powerful weapon. Use the cane or invest some blood points in the katana instead. The range alone is terrible for bosses that can often have awkward hitboxes.

They were the single most disappointing weapon in the game for me since I kept holding out hope they were going to be THE ONE killer skill scaling weapon in the game. Turns out thats either the katana or the scythe.

As an almost exclusive Blade user (Ludwig's is my alt weapon), I think you're completely wrong. The Blades stunlock almost every basic enemy due to their fast attack speed and after the 4th hit you combo so fast in dual wield mode that you can kill almost any enemy in 1 stamina bar. Add to that the fact that the dodge > attack combo does a lot of damage, if you just need to get in and out, and it's by far my favorite weapon. I'll switch to Ludwig's mostly for bosses or groups of enemies, but yeah you're totally wrong imo.

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My number one is having to go to Hunter's Dream to do just about anything, even absent load times. Changing runes, changing blood gems. Like, runes are basically rings, but you have to go to Hunter's dream to change them. If you want to use a different weapon for one particular situation or enemy, you're basically forced to go back to Hunter's Dream because without blood gems, your weapon is like half as effective as it could be.

Also I'd prefer if Blood Vials were just, 20 per spawn, here you go. And you should be able to restock at a lamp without going back to the Dream (see previous point).

Basically, all my gripes with the game are metagame things. The actual gameplay mechanics are amazing and my favorite of any FromSoft game.