retirement because of hardware

well i am retiring...i have had enough..4 xbox's since in launched in Australia..and i am just about over it..just turned it on this morning to play some fallout 3 i could see it coming when i went into vats a few times before...

but i have had enough..i mean one only has a limited budget for this sort of thing.. you buy games to play..and now it has to spend more time at microsoft to be reparied? who needs it i am over it i have a perfectly good n64 for years and a snes even the old xbox was a trouper compared to the 360.. i have thought about the ps3..but figure its good for watching movies..and very expensive here.

so now i contemplate what i will do when not playing games...i can't even watch movies now as it was my main dvd player too..

i will listen to podcasts etc..they are enjoyable..but what pisses me off is just the damn thing breaks so often...


i wish i had my snes

I wish i had my SNES and N64 still...i would do a page on hunt for red october and lethal what a game that was..the controls were woeful from memory..and i can barely remember when you died i think you got danny glover saying i am to old for this s...

red october was an equally crap game...a side scroller.. you shot the i think boats and fellow subs...thats all i remember thats why i wish i still had my snes

i can't blog i must be dumb

right...why doesn't this blog??...i have tried maybe 4 times now..if this posts..i will be amazed....

anyways i am oobs..thats my xbox tag for anyone interested...i am from Australia..have been following the guys since the beta podcast.
i have been gaming since the SNES came out..and have had various systems had the snes playstation 1...N64 and then been pretty much an xbox man till this very day...just the playstation controller just doesn't feel right in my hands

anyways i work during the day...i won't be contributing anything of value to the site besides maybe the odd forum post..i am currently playing oblivion..i have had that game since it was released.  but never got stuck into it. but i have finished more recently crackdown.. and GTA 4 and battlefield bad decided to give Oblivion ago..i was looking forward to fallout 3 but that aint going to happen here in australia it seems and the developer won't be resubmitting it i read somewhere..which is ashame..anyway..thats enough crap from me till next time